Liberation Front

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Name: Liberation Front
Date(s): ~2001
Fandom: many, but appears to have a Harry Potter empahsis
URL: here, Archived version
Click here for related articles on Fanlore. Liberation Front was a fan community primarily concerned with's policies.

Its website had several rants and essays, most very wanky and far from tactful, as well as a very primitive fiction archive.

"Are we GODS?! (or do we just have a complex?)"

Main members:

  • Lucifer Daimaou
  • Kirstma
  • RD
  • SharasEgypt
  • Quinctia
  • Jaesha


"Our goal is to provide members (or former members) of with a place they can regard as a true community.

While we desire to provide a place for complete freedom of expression, via mailing list, forum, and fic archiving, we aren't giving up on .

We will be an advocate for any person who feels that they have been wrongly deleted (in works or account) by the staff, and will continue to offer input on certain aspects of the website itself.

This is a group formed by users for users. Everyone here is a writer.

So we encourage you to read and become informed. Write and share your work in a free environment. Unleash your frustrations on our forums.

At FLF, there is no such thing as flame bait, so don't you ever forget it!" [1]

The Staff Responds to Some Feedback

If you've been around long enough, you've probably heard of us. What you've heard most likely wasn't very flattering. We've been called everything from terrorists to punks to people who eat babies for breakfast. Michele Savage was even kind enough to say this about us in a recent fanfictionnet writers post: “Please do nothing about it.. and please no longer go to that board and give it hits. That particular message board has an owner who has a long history of trolling at FFnet. Never believe anything posted to that message board. Just let it go....” We thought it was funny that she would try, in her limited powers as a board moderator, to keep people from coming to a message board devoted to freedom of speech and uninhibited dialogue. Here are other rumors you might have heard:

1. "FLF is bent on destroying" In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. We want to restore to its previous state: a caring, private environment. In addition, we want to see your privacy rights protected. We want a more coherent terms of service agreement. We want to know exactly why people are banned, and why certain topics can't be talked about. That's all. We're here to protect you, to make your community. belongs to Xing, true, but it wouldn't be anything without its users.

2. "They're just a bunch of kids who want to make life difficult for people." Also untrue. Most of us are college educated. Many of us are in our twenties, and some of us are graduate students. We know a lot about writing and freedom of speech laws. Some of us have won prizes for writing, others hold prestigious jobs. We wouldn't be in this if we didn't believe we were doing the right thing.

3. "They're crazy!" Maybe so, but you won't hold it against us, will you?

4. "They're communists." Completely false. Even the most leftist among us recognize the fruitful benefits of capitalism and the positive affect free trade has on writing.[2]

Reactions and Reviews

The Liberation Front scares me. I don't see why they are so much better than the guys they so love to hate.. I can understand disliking people. I do. A lot of people. But I do not dedicate a message board to flaming these persons, telling the world how bitchy, stupid and generally repulsive they are. I do not find those persons grades and upload them for the vworld to view, complete with sarcastic comments. I try to let private persons stay private.[3]