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Mailing List
Name: fandomsnark
Date(s): June 6, 2004 to at least 2007
Fandom: multi-fandom
URL: archive link
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fandomsnark was a Yahoo! Groups mailing list for discussion and ranting. This list was a sister list to Zinelist [1].

message history
A safe place for adult fen to vent about anything fannish. Names CAN be named, swearing is allowed. No vendettas, but facts and your feelings on them are fine and dandy. Note the key word: FACTS. ie: My best friend told me this person screwed her over is allowed. My best friend told me she heard this person screwed over four other people is NOT allowed. Go ahead, be snarky. NO REAL LIFE POLITICS, NO RELIGIOUS DISCUSSIONS, except as how to write it or not write it in fanfic.