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Name: Fandom Road, Mad Max Fandom Road, MMFR
Date(s): October 2016



Rec blog


Mad Max

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Fandom Road was a month-long Mad Max rec-a-thon blog that post user-submitted recs for fanart, fanfic, meta, and other fan-created works during October 2016. Submitters were asked to leave a comment on the original work as well to let the creator know their appreciation.



Ask Nux: Pimp My Ride by asknux
Ask Slit by askslit / yohunny
Blas Cap & Scab cuddling by adventures-in-z-space
Capable and Nux: Feels Like Hope by govango
Citadel’s Car Wash by blatterburystreet
Elvis’ Birthday by m2fslide
Furiosa by Jeusus
FURIOSAA by jennlso​
Furiosa calls dibs on Max’s cowlick by youkaiyume
The Green Place by Youkaiyume
Imperator Ace by ulsae1995
Kiss emoji challenge by microrockets
Mad Max Fury Road/Hogwarts AU by Youkaiyume
Manifest Destiny by kayciedumb
Max undressing Furiosa by prosodi
Modern AU Capable and Nux by thetrubeans
Modern AU Capable and Toast by super-chi-art
More modern AU Nuxables by super-chi-art
MOTHERFUCKEN POLECATS by maneatingbunnies
Nux crucified on a wheel by maxkennedy24
one-line gif by kimbureh
Raven!Max au drawings by icarus-doodles
Scab with a bunny tail by Boonkin
The Sisters / The Five fashion AU + Furiosa by Temariart
Sketches from Wasteland Weekend by flamethrowing-hurdy-gurdy (gurdydraws)
Slit by the_bearded_professor
Two drawings of Toast and Slit by indiasierrabravo
Vuvalini by victoriaying
We are not things by missmuggle
We’re Going to the Green Place of Many Mothers by temariart


After The Fire by primarybufferpanel and bonehandledknife
All the World’s Water Leaving by heartofstanding
“Babyface is bored…” by lioness-hart
Ball and Chain by SwissPear
Banners Flying High and Screaming at the Sky by auroreanrave
Between the Shores of Our Souls by Goldberry
Black like Motor Oil and Sweet like You by juliettdelta (indiasierrabravo)
Bloodbag by zywritesporn
Breathing easier by Splinter (lurkinghistoric)
Build God and then we’ll talk by lc2l
The Bullet Farmer’s Daughter by GoeticDisciple (bulletfarmersdaughter)
Citadel Nights by Tyellas (thebyrchentwigges​)
A Comfortable Knot by FancyLadySnackCakes
Communication by Splinter (lurkinghistoric)
Corvus Cormax by Donda
Counting the Pieces by Owlship (v8roadworrier)
The Date by supergirrl (le-temps-viendra36)
The Discovery of Hunger by blueberry
Easy by FrostbitePanda
Equinox by battle_cat (fuckyeahisawthat)
Eternal by conceptofzero
Everyone Had a Show by Pavuvu
flagging black by underwater_owl
Flesh and Blood and Dust by Winterling42
Fortunae Plango Vulnera by eag (evilasiangenius)
Forsake Unsounded Deeps To Dance On Sands by Valkyrien
Four In, Eight Out by nanda (nandamai)
Girl with one eye by vermicious_knid
Hiding Place by bethagain
The Holidays by redcandle17
I can be the answer by Felonazcorp
In the Dry Land by SilverDagger
A Jump to the Left by Owlship (v8roadworrier)
The Length and Breadth of Fury Road by sacrificethemtothesquid
Liar Liar by fadagaski
A Little Afternoon Delight by Jaetion (jaesauce)
Lizards are Delicious by FancyLadySnackCakes
marching on a dead end road by wariangle
Milk Run by hellkitty
A Million Ways to Say It by thewildwilds
Modern AU, Joe in SuperMax prison by Poisonous-Angel
A Monument to a Memory by ThisDominionIsMine
Mosaic by fadagaski
My arms, my eyes, my grieving words by lbmisscharlie
My Tongue Will Tell The Anger Of My Heart by Valkyrien
Nightmares by battle_cat (fuckyeahisawthat)
Nuxable mixtape by evenhisfacewasanalias
The Oasis by fadagaski
Old Roads by bethagain
On Being Fine by bethagain
Oral Imperative by foolishgames
Our Little Corner of the World by evenhisfacewasanalias
Our Words by supergirrl (le-temps-viendra36)
Out of the Bag by Owlship (v8roadworrier)
The Outside by fadagaski
Pining Shadows by Gecko’s Climbing Pole (all-doofed-out)
Redemptores by ShadyDave
Ride Historic on the Floral Road by GeneralSan_3
Roads to Valhalla or Somewhere Like It by FancyLadySnakeCakes
Rock and a Hard Place by Jaetion (jaesauce)
Rust by supercarXS
Rust by wreckofherheart
The Same Side by fadagaski
Seeking the Green by Seraina (seraina_doom)
Seven thousand days plus the ones I don’t remember by schwarmerei1
Shades of Blue by ceaselesslyinlove
Six-String Soldier by Jaetion (jaesauce)
Something Real by redcandle17
Soupy by primarybufferpanel and bonehandledknife
Spent Shell by Zywritesporn
Such Things by bai-xue
Sunlight and shadow by Splinter (lurkinghistoric)
A Sure Thing by Owlship (v8roadworrier)
Survival Mode by singlewhitecatlady
Swish and Flick by Owlship
Take the A Train by Jaetion (jaesauce)
Tell Me by Splinter (lurkinghistoric)
These Inches Between Us by Squishy_TRex (the-woman-upstairs)
This Splendid Time of Peace by JauntyHako
Though the Way is Clear by FrostbitePanda (freshhexes)
To Know Without Knowing by fadagaski
to live at all is miracle enough ssstrychnine (oneangryshot)
To Love Reptiles by Weirdness_Unlimited
Trust Fall by Spatz
Two Nights with a Revhead and Redhead by harrowmarrow
Unravel by ecouter-bien
Unwind battle_cat (fuckyeahisawthat)
Very Max, Much Wasteland, Such Dog by Tyellas (thebyrchentwigges)
A Wasteland Fairy Tale bluebeholder (wanderingnork)
What A Difference A Day Made by felonazcorp


2015 meta by redshoesnblueskies
Mad Max Center Framed by bonehandledknife
Mad Max scene breakdown: “can I talk to you?” by fuckyeahisawthat
War Boy Slang by kimbureh (and war-rig-ace and evilasiangenius)
A War Rig Of One’s Own: A Very Long Post On Fury Road’s Feminism by wellntruly


Furiosa Replica Leather and Resin Belt by AlterEgoProductions (cosplay)
Furiosa customized ball jointed doll by Amadiz Studio (doll)
I’m sorry I was angry by asoftermadmax (graphic)
Radioactive by lilly_the_kid (vid)
And the Road Warrior? by spockvarietyhour (graphics)
You Are Awaited by Yuri Lowenthal and Travis Sentell (podcast)


Master list of recs