Fandom Is A Way Of Life

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Synonyms: FIAWOL
See also: FIJAGH
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Fandom Is a Way of Life, usually abbreviated to FIAWOL, was originally used to describe what one thought about fandom (as opposed to FIJAGH, or "Fandom Is Just a Goddamned Hobby"). Over the years the acronym has shifted to become an adjective people use to describe themselves and their relationship with fandom: "We tried living together, but I'm FIAWOL, and she's FIJAGH - it just didn't work out."

It can be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but there's generally a strong element of truth in it. Someone who is FIAWOL invests the majority of their time and energy on fandom and fannish pursuits, often making long-term commitments (e.g., running a convention, being a usenet/mailing list/community/forum moderator for years, etc.), and forming their strongest social bonds through fandom.

Many people shift back and forth between the two extremes as interest waxes and wanes, and as time allows; many also exist fairly steadily somewhere in the middle.

The term originated in Science Fiction Fandom.[1]


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