Fanartivation Interview with Fanlay

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Fanartivation Interview with Fanlay
Interviewee: Fanlay
Date(s): November 2, 2011
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Harry Potter, Supernatural, Inception
External Links: online here; link
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Fanartivation Interview with Fanlay was posted to Fanartivation in 2011.

This interview contains examples of the artist's work and their comments about them.

Part of a Series

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Some Excerpts

I've been making fanart since 2006. I've first started in HP fandom and stayed there for a few years making random Snape fanart. I then moved on to Inception and made a few Arthur/Eames pieces. At the moment I’m taking some time off from fanart because some RL matters are taking up my entire time, but I can’t wait for them to subside so that I can get back to making fanart. In my RL, I’m a product and graphic designer. On the side, I’ve always been interested in illustration and book cover design and I’m always up for collaborating with a fanfic writer for a fic. The plan of my life is to rob a bank, retire young and beautiful, and to spend the rest of my life making homoerotic art.
Good fanfics, intriguing photos, pretty boys, human form, and at the moment, Dean Winchester [motivates me to draw fanart].
Lately I’ve been introducing stronger colours and contrast to my fanart. Also, I started drawing backgrounds, or should I say, filling backgrounds with colours, which is also new for me. Oh, and my characters tend to have more meat on them nowadays. One thing I learnt along the way is that porn isn't always the best. I’ve got to say, when I first started making fanart, I never thought I'd draw anything but porn. But who knew, WS fanart can be fun, too.
Reading fanfics and drawing fanart are two of my favourite pastimes and favourite ways to combat RL stress. Also it's wonderful to meet people all around the world who share the same passion for a fandom and... lust for characters.... Fanart is all about having fun and expressing your love to fandom. Don’t get stressed, don’t feel restrained. Just do whatever you want, and do a lot! :)