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Journal Community
Name: Fanart Recs
Date(s): Created on 2010-10-04
Moderator: RatCreature, sholio
Founder: RatCreature
Type: recs
Fandom: multifandom

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fanart_recs is a dreamwidth community for reccing fanart from any fandom. Each month volunteers sign up for whichever fandom they want to rec fanart for; only one person can rec art from each fandom per month. Each reccer posts a minimum of four recs. The last week of the month anyone can post a rec for any fandom.

From the rules post:

The community is open for fanart recs from all fandoms (whether books, comics, cartoons, live action, anime, games, RPF...), genres, styles and ratings. You can rec drawn and painted fanart (whether traditional or digital media), photomanips, sculptures, fiber art etc. Multimedia works that have a significant fanart component are also okay to rec, e.g. fan comics or story illustrations. You cannot rec fanfic, vids, icons, picture macros, costume designs, or fannish music/audio productions.[1]

As of May 2021, the community is still active and has 3,529 posts; 4,281 comments; and 368 subscribers.[2] Based on the community tags, fanart in 246 fandoms has been recced. The most popular fandom is marvel, with 386 recs as of June 2021.


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