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Synonyms: entitlement
See also: leecher, where?, Creator Entitlement
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Fan Entitlement refers to words or actions by a fan that imply (or sometimes even outright state) that the creators of a canon or other fans owe that fan something. With canon, it generally refers to demands that creators follow the fan's preferences in their ongoing works[1] or make Word of God comments supporting the fan's position[2] (or retract comments denying that position[3]). With fanworks, common forms of entitlement include demanding that works in progress be updated, insisting that fanfiction endings be changed or that ongoing fics focus in a certain direction, requesting moderators change the rules of a community to suit their preferences, authors demanding a certain level of feedback before another chapter of a WiP is posted, etc.

Let us return to the idea of fan entitlement. As a fan, what exactly are we entitled to from other members of the fandom? Well, in my opinion, we are entitled to be respected, to be appreciated for our contributions, to be educated when we are being ignorant, and to be (gently) corrected when we are wrong. Beyond that? I don’t think we are entitled to anything else.[4]

Since some of the same actions can also be taken in a supportive or social justice context,[4] fan entitlement is often a question of tone and approach, rather than the base actions themselves. Therefore, whether or not a particular act or comment qualifies as fan entitlement is often a matter of opinion.

A common response to perceived fan entitlement is to suggest the fan do the work themselves (i.e., start their own challenge, create their own fanworks, translate their own fansubs, etc.).

Entitled behavior, or calling a fan's behavior entitled, can sometimes lead to wank.[5]

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