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Name: Fan Cultures & Fan Creativity
Date(s): 2013-present (2015)

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Fan Cultures & Fan Creativity

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Fan Cultures & Fan Creativity is "a Tumblr for UMM's fandom class, focusing on fandom, fan practices, fan creativity, and fan studies. Tracked tag: #fandom ic."

"UMM" is the University of Minnesota-Morris.

In December 2014, Orlando Jones skyped with the class for an hour about fandom.


Fan Cultures & Fan Creativity is a class at the University of Minnesota Morris, first convened in Fall 2013 with a group of truly delightful students; round two is happening Fall 2014. The class is part of UMM’s Intellectual Community program, which means it is open only to first-year students. The primary purpose of this Tumblr is to collect and tag materials related to our class discussions: observations and quotes from both fans and scholars on topics related to fandom and things fans do, links to videos we’ve watched in class, examples of fan art and cosplay, and so on. (I think my favorite might be the gingerbread tag.) Like the class itself, the Tumblr focuses on fandom, fannishness, fan practices, fan creativity, fan artifacts, and fan studies rather than shows, movies, books, podcasts, webcomics, games, etc.—though of course specific fandoms do show up in the examples of fan creations.