Fade Out

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Title: Fade Out
Creator: obsessive24
Date: November 2005
Format: MPG and WMV
Length: 4:12 minutes
Music: "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" by Radiohead
Fandom: Firefly
URL: offline (vid announcement)
vidder's title card

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Fade Out is a Firefly fanvid by obsessive24 focusing in the characters of River Tam and Simon Tam. It was reviewed by saeva on February 2, 2006 at the reel vidding community.

Vidder's summary: "The sacrifices that Simon has made and the life he had received in return."


  • On a purely personal level, I didn't really like this vid...Now, that said: Fade Out is exactly what the notes above say it is: a video focusing on the sacrifices that Simon has made for River. It utilizes a heavy use of effects that Obsessive24 otherwise tends to use sparringly (in vids like 'Wires', 'Body', 'Down a Rabbit Hole', etc.) to what was a hit-and-miss result. Between the percussion driven music and the overload of significant effects the vid seems almost too powerful and, therefore, off-putting. Taken as a self-contained piece it is a good vid, with neat editing and a strong -- if simple -- narrative thread (I certainly wouldn't have needed the vidder's summary to know what the vid was saying), but taken in context of the vidder's larger body of work and fandom as a whole there's places and ways in which this vid falls down. In this review I plan to focus on both sides of this, hopefully, and, as you might have guessed, it's looking to get a little long."[1]
  • "My favorite part is the last, with fade-outs to Simon's old life of being a doctor, and his new life coming into focus. The part which gets me especially hard is the last switch, when Simon is leaving the hospital: this time it gets into focus, as he thinks for the last time what is ahead, with fade-out to the stake. And then that one gets into focus, and... oh my, it's a heartbreak."feedback
  • "Oh, this is so very beautiful. You really bring out the quiet tragedy that hangs over Simon and River, even during the happier or busier moments. The black/white is gorgeous, as are the differences in focus, blurry or sharp." vid feedback.