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Pairing: Fíli/Sigrid
Alternative name(s): Figrid
Gender category: Het
Fandom: The Hobbit (film series)
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Low but not rare
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Fíli/Sigrid, also called Figrid, is a non-canonical ship from The Hobbit film trilogy. In works where everyone lives (which are most works for this ship set in Middle Earth), it is a relationship between the heir of Erebor and a child of the ruler of Dale.


In canon, Sigrid and Fíli meet when Bard of Laketown brings the dwarves to his home in Desolation of Smaug. Fíli stays in Laketown with Kíli when most of the other dwarves leave, so he and Sigrid interact in minor ways onscreen through Kíli's illness and the orc attack, and later during the arrival of Smaug.


Fíli/Sigrid is a close companion ship to Kíli/Tauriel,[1] and it likely started out as a way to offer Fíli a matching romance. The first Fíli/Sigrid work posted to Archive of our Own was A Great Big Lake by CircusBones. It was posted around December 23, 2013, shortly after the release of Desolation of Smaug, and it included Kíli/Tauriel as the other main ship.

Early Fíli/Sigrid often focused on the two of them bonding in Laketown before the last 4 dwarves left for the mountain. In these works, Sigrid is frequently aged up from the 16 or so that she is in the movies. Early works in 2014 and those posted right around the release of The Battle of the Five Armies often tended toward the tragic, with Sigrid mourning Fíli after the battle, as in Unfair by basically_british.

However, most works have all the main cast surviving the battle. The political nature of a relationship between them was quickly recognized by fandom, with works like A Quiet Rebellion by Vera and A Favourable Arrangement by grav_ity discussing the reasons why a political alliance might make sense for Dale and Erebor.

Fandom Tropes

  • The Heirs - Sigrid is Bard's oldest child, so a marriage between her and Fíli either combines the kingdoms or cements a treaty. (The latter is somewhat more common.) [2]
  • Hair - As with many dwarf ships, hair plays a large part in the courtship and romance of many Fíli/Sigrid works. Sigrid's lack of a beard is sometimes an issue with more traditional dwarves, but her hair is often the envy of many dwarrowdams or an attracting point for Fíli. One-way or mutual hair-braiding often forms part of the deepening of their relationship.
  • Siblings - Their siblings tend to play a large role in works about them, often acting as key secondary characters or even playing pivotal roles in helping the two get together.
  • The Responsible Ones - Sigrid and Fíli are often described as the calm, responsible child in their families, typically reining in wilder siblings. They tend to carry this over to a calm and stable rule, in works where they are depicted as taking on the throne of Erebor.
  • Culture Clash - Sigrid usually comes to live with Fíli in Erebor and has to learn how to be a dwarf. For this reason, she and Tauriel sometimes commiserate (though this also happens in AUs where everyone is human). However, the cultural issues are usually less than with Kíli/Tauriel, possibly due to Sigrid's position and her not being an elf. Most often this leads to...
    • Awkward Courtship - Even in cases where the courtship isn't formal, it often goes a little awkwardly, as they try to figure out how to show their appreciation for each other in a way that the other person would appreciate.
  • Completing the Set - Works for Fíli/Sigrid sometimes explicitly mention in the work or the notes that Kíli loves an elf (in canon) and Thorin loves a Hobbit (in popular fanon), so it makes sense for Fíli to complete the trio and love a human partner.[3]
  • Papa Bear - Usually one obstacle to the marriage is Bard's worry for Sigrid's happiness; occasionally Thorin also takes this role relative to Fíli.



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