Evidence (Smallville story)

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Title: Evidence
Author(s): ShannenB
Date(s): 2002
Length: 2,410 words
Genre: Chloe/Clark
Fandom: Smallville
External Links: URL at The Hallway (via Wayback)

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Evidence by Shannen B is a Chloe/Clark fic set after episode 9 "Rogue" in Season 1 and told from Chloe Sullivan's POV.

Author's Notes

"Basically, I didn't like that we didn't see any Clark/Chloe interaction after the Torch incident, so I decided to make some up. The timeline on the show doesn't jive with this too much, so just suspend belief for a second and pretend that Chloe's last scene with Lana happened after...like a day after.. Jonathan came back home. Basically, I came up with this idea as to why Chloe was suddenly a bit more willing to curb her writing style, because I believe there had to be more to make her come to the realization other than the Kwan/Lana thing."


"it was actually believable (they don't fall madly in love and he doesn't confess his secret), its soft and fluffy, I like the part where she says she might have to put him on the wall of weird since its so cold and he's outside, and the scene where she takes the brownie picture is cute and really funny, and I like the way it ends smoothly" - Lauren[1]


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