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Name: everymanHYBRID
Abbreviation(s): EMH
Date(s): June 2011 - 2019
Medium: Webseries
Country of Origin: USA
External Links: Official Channel
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everymanHYBRID is a YouTube web series and ARG inspired by the Slender Man online mythos. It is one of the major inspirations for many Slenderseries and horror webseries on youtube.


Major characters

  • Vincent: The protagonist of the series.
  • Evan/Habit: Originally one of the protagonists and later one of the major antagonists.
  • Jeff: Another protagonist. He died partway through the series.
  • Dr. James Corenthal: A doctor who worked at the elementary school Jeff attended as a child.

Minor characters

  • Damsel/Steph: A mysterious character who has connections to Dr. Corenthal.
  • Jessa: A friend of Damsel's.
  • Alex: Jeff's younger brother.


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