Evening Falls

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Title: Evening Falls
Creator: Tashery S
Date: 1992
Format: VHS
Music: Evening Falls by Enya
Fandom: Blake's 7
Footage: Blake's 7

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Evening Falls is a VCR era fan vid edited by Tashery S using footage from Blake's 7. The vid focuses on the character of Cally. The vid was shown at the 1992 Virgule convention.


"One of my particular favorite vids is Tashery's relatively recent Evening Falls, from Enya's Watermark album.

While quite different from several other of Tashery's best, which often feature her trademark quick cutting, Evening Falls is a perfect meshing of song and character, in this case, Cally, the alien telepath from Blake's 7. Enya's haunting music and yearning lyrics create an exquisite backdrop for the images of Cally’s continuing hunger for the telepathic contact she cannot achieve with the Liberator crew, despite her emotional commitment to them and to Blake's cause. Tashery carefully chose as many shots as she could that featured dissolves, fades, or flowing camera motion, so that the images of the vid would melt along with the sighing voice of the song. Because there are so many beautiful shots from Sarcopliagus, and from other shows where Cally has succumbed to an outside telepathic influence, I can't help wishing that Cally's "ordinary" world looked as beautiful within the vid as these extraordinary environments. But this is the same contrast that Cally perceives. There is a vital element missing from her day to day life. Without the telepathic contact that was an essential part of her existence for most her life, the world is flatter and duller. The influences that reach out to her, even when evil, are powerfully seductive, and it is terribly difficult for her to fight

their allure. The vid itself is haunting, seductive, and sad."[1]


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