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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Erin's House-O-Fanfic
Author: Erin
Dates: June 1998 -
Fandom: HtLJ, XWP
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Erin's House-O-Fanfic was a personal slash fanfiction site.

It was originally hosted by Dencity and later by The site was a member of the Hercules-Xena Slash Ring, the Hercules Fan Fiction Webring, the EVIL never looked so good webring, the Truly Evil Fanfiction Webring, the Subtext of a Different Kind webring[1]

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Ares' Temple-O-Fic

Strife's Temple-O-Fic



Surprises: NC-17, J/various. Joxer finds himself in an...interesting situation. (14.7 KB)

...And More Surprises : NC-17, Auto/J. Sequel to "Surprises". Joxer makes Autolycus an offer he can't refuse. (23.4 KB)

Surprise, Surprise  : NC-17, m/m various. Sequel to "...And More Surprises". Joxer gets his "punishment" and Autolycus gets more than he bargined for. (41.2 KB)

The Prostitute : NC-17, J/S. It's just another evening at Meg's Tavern for Joxer the Mighty -- until he sees the newest "employee". (25.7 KB)

The Proposition : NC-17, C/J. Upset and a bit confused about the events of the night before, Cupid decides to blame it all on the mortal who started it. (11.0 KB)

The Punishment : NC-17, J/S. BD, slight n/c. After finding Joxer with Cupid, Strife decides it's time the mortal learns who really owns him -- but the God of Mischief gets a lot more than he counted on. (52.1 KB)

Reality Squared : NC-17, Incest, light BDSM, m/m various. A work in progress. In an alternate world where things are just a little different, the God of Mischief finds himself drawn into an unexpected quest. Part 10 now up! (420.3 KB)


"Here's where I'm putting the stories I don't know how to classify."

Nemetona's Round Robin : this is the link to the first round robin I wrote a story for on Ksmithares. It's under "Erin's section" and it's entitled "Let the Show Begin". NC-17, Cupid/Sovereign.

The Pool Party (my segments) : NC-17, Cupid/Xander, Strife/OFC. I doubt the entire "Pool Party" will ever be posted so I've just gone ahead and put up my parts of it. I'll warn you right off that this is some of my very early work so it isn't great but I still wanted it available for people to read. (38.9 KB)

Sweet Blazing Desire : PG, Ares/Iolaus, Strife/Cupid. A response to the Bad Fic Challenge on KSA. The idea was to write the worst fic you could come up with and include a MarySue/MartySue-ish character. I'm not sure I managed the last requirement, but I don't think there's much doubt that I covered the first one. WARNING -reading this fic may cause severe nausea and/or sugar overdose. ;) (4.85 KB)


The Muse of Discontent : this is just a silly little MarySue but it helped get me over a bad case of writer's block. (2.4 KB)

The Muse of Distraction : R for language, innuendo, and m/m suggestiveness. Here's another visit from one of my muses. Nothing much, just a strange MarySue. (5.79 KB)

Mission ImPossible : PG-13 for language and innuendo. This is a true MarySue. I wrote this one for the Ksmithares list as sort of an introduction. (22.0 KB)



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