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This page is about the zine. For the glossary term, see Moot.

Title: Entmoot
Editor(s): Greg Shaw, ed. (with David Hall for first 2 issues)
Date(s): 1965-1966
Medium: print
Fandom: Tolkien
Language: English
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Entmoot is a gen Tolkien anthology, "the leading exponent in the US of the psychedelic-hippie side of Tolkien fandom." (David Bratman) [1]

Issue 1

Entmoot 1 was published in June 1965.

  • "Message in Sindarin" by Greg Shaw
  • "An Elven Sage" poem by Greg Shaw (reprinted from Wanderlust)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Entmoot 2 was published in 1966.

  • "The Hobbit, a Review" by Greg Shaw
  • "A Proposed System for the Phonetic Representation of English Sounds With the Feanorian Letters as Told to Greg Shaw by Don Simpson" by Greg Shaw

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Entmoot 3 was published in 1966.

  • "Arwen's Song in Gondor" poem by E. E. Evers
  • "Tolkien in Paperback!?" by Ned Brooks (this has page conversion formulas for everything in print at the time)
  • "Gilgalad Was an Elven King" by Ruth Berman (filk, set to an old Hebrew folk tune)
  • "Prolegomenon to a Variorum Tolkien" by BanksMebane (concerns the variations in the revised Ballantine paperback edition)
  • "Hope" poem by Ned Brooks (in English, Tengwar and Angerthas)

Issue 4

Entmoot 4 was published in August 1966.

  • "Fragments of a Translation" poem by E. E. Evers
  • "The Passing of the Elven-Kind" by Ted Johnston (a song, but music not given. Reprinted from Roquat #10 where it was reprinted from All Mimsy #5, November 1959)
  • "Costuming From Tolkien" by Felice Rolfe
  • "The Elven Ship" poem by Peter Sloman
  • "An English Certar Mode" by Mark Mandel
  • ""A Fellowship of the Thing" poem by Michael Laton