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K/S Fanfiction
Title: “Enterprising Tours”
Author(s): Dana Austin Marsh
Date(s): print zine-10/1994; K/S Archive-10/2009
Length: print zine-28 pgs.;K/S Archive-10,147 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
External Links: The Kirk/Spock Fanfiction Archive

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“Enterprising Tours” is a Kirk/Spock story by Dana Austin Marsh.

first page

It was published in the print zine KaleidoScope #2 10/1994, and online in 10/2009.


From the Author's summary: “Kirk and Spock decide to use different places on the Enterprise to make love while it is deserted during a re-fit, unaware that some crew members have started tours through the ship.”

Reactions and Reviews

It's been a while since I've seen this author's work. I thought perhaps she'd quit writing and I'm very glad I was wrong. For the second time in this zine we get a glimpse of something we don't often see—the lower- ranking members of the crew, and in this instance, the things they do in their off duty time. The Enterprise is in for repairs and the plot thickens when four horny young ensigns, all cabin-mates and all flat broke, cook up an unusual scheme to earn the money for one big night on the town. Matters get complicated when the quartet finds out that their Captain and First Officer are taking their leave aboard ship this time and have special plans of their own. Jarringly out of character were some ideas that Spock had for using the leave time, not to mention Kirk's willingness to go along with those ideas. However, if you're willing to suspend your belief for a short time the tale becomes not only enjoyable but downright comical.[1]
Take four eager, inventive young ensigns without any money and put the Enterprise in orbit round Hillthania with its expensive shore leave facilities. Add to that mix the fact that Captain Kirk and First Officer Spock are looking forward to indulging their very own personal fantasies without leaving the ship and what do you get? Well in this case a well-thought out and amusing story which manages to turn what could have been routine shore leave into a rout. And do Kirk and Spock get to fulfill their fantasy? Read it and see! [2]


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