English 102 Paper On FanFiction

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Title: English 102 Paper On FanFiction
Commentator: Christina Klineburger
Date(s): November 6, 2000
Medium: online
External Links: http://ussferryboat.danawheels.net/TS/Index.htm
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English 102 Paper On FanFiction is a student essay written about fan fiction for an English language class. Perhaps most notable is the fact that the essay writer is herself German and is writing in another language.

"Fanfiction can be beneficial to both writers and holders of copyrights. Writing fanfiction is a great way to become a better writer. By using an existing set of characters, some of the pressure is taken off the writer. The writer doesn't have to invent everything from scratch, allowing them to practice such things as plot development and dialogue. Many people's first experience in creative writing is with fanfiction. They feel comfortable writing, because they already know the characters they are using, their personalities and physical traits, and some of the settings they are being put into. They then expound upon this with their own experiences and background information. Writers can also get feedback for their stories, since there is a ready made audience. People that would not normally look for reading material on the internet will seek out pages that offer fanfiction because they have an interest in the characters involved. This instant audience, many of whom are willing to provide feedback to new authors, helps writers improve their writing. This audience also encourages writers to keep writing, as they are always looking for new stories to read.
Fanfiction doesn't hurt the people who own the copyright on the characters and storylines being used. In fact, it may benefit them. New fans may be drawn into a show because of reading fanfiction. I received an email from Jen R who stated that "[She] started reading the [fan]fic[tion] before watching the show" (Jen R). Fans may also be introduced to a new show when reading a crossover fanfiction, where fictional characters from a different universe are brought over to interact with the characters from a show they already enjoy. In a simliar vein, Jeannette Foshee drew several icons based on the show The Simpsons and then shared them with other fans on the Internet. She said that people who didn=t watch the show would tune in after seeing her icons (Silverman). Another benefit is that if a TV show is still in production, writers from the show may get ideas for new episodes from the prolific minds of its fans through the fanfiction they write."[1]

The paper earned the writer an A in her class. One reviewer agrees: "I've read the paper and I'd give her an "A" too. Then again, I appreciate a well-written and accessible academic paper that doesn't sacrifice style for content. (Oh, and I should mention it's TS-centric, with a chuckle-worthy and eminently in-character minific to start things off.) Witty stuff all around, with a good grounding in copyright and cultural prerogative." ~ Metafic by Bennie Robbins.