Enduring Distance

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Fraser/Kowalski Fanfiction
Title: Enduring Distance
Author(s): Speranza
Date(s): 2001
Length: 25275 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
External Links: at AO3
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Enduring Distance is a Fraser/Ray K story by Speranza.

Reactions and Reviews

Just when you thought you never wanted to read another COTW post-ep story-- just when you thought all the good ones had been done, and done well, and done to death-- Speranza comes out of the gate with this. It's epic. Like a movie. Stab-straight-to-the-heart angsty. Fabulous use of the supporting cast. Love it. [1]
Kowalski and Fraser attend Muldoon's trial. Another of Speranza's follow-ups to the end of the series. Starts off funny, turns serious, is always a delight. I love that Fraser's mother's murder is given the time it deserved, and the cool, spare tone of the writing.[2]
Why this must be read: I spent some time pondering what to rec in the lead-off spot this month, and settled on this story for several reasons:

--Though it's an F/K story, it gives all the major characters a turn on stage, and treats them with respect and affection. --It's long, meaty, and has an actual plot (and ties up a major loose plot-point left flapping at the end of "Call of the Wild"). --Though Speranza is a peerless humor writer, this story intermingles some wrenching sadness amongst the funny, just as the show itself often does. --I absolutely love the Fraser-voice and Fraser-persona here. It's worth noting that she does a fine job with writing a sex scene in Fraser-first-person voice, which (I can say from experience) presents a particularly difficult writerly challenge. --Speranza's just one of the best writers out there, in any fandom.

Those who haven't seen "Call of the Wild" (the series finale, which this story immediately follows) might want to read an episode summary first (e.g., here and here. Word to the wise: Although this site, like some others, refers to Kowalski as "Stan" [a name he never uses], you would be well-advised not do likewise when talking to Kowalski fans, as it is likely to cause crankiness. <g>) [3]
After Muldoon's arrest, the Canadians and the Americans duke it out in court in Inuvik over who gets the right to try him - and for what crimes - first.

"There's one snowmobile left."

Ray reached down with his hand and patted the snowmobile underneath him. "No there ain't. This puppy's mine. How're we supposed to get back?"

"We could walk," I suggested.

"Up yours," Ray replied.

There are lots of lovely scenes in this one, especially where Fraser shows Ray his secret hiding place as a kid, when Fraser breaks down in court, and the scene where they change their friendship forever. "Enduring Distance" is full of quirky little moments that are a lovely mixture of sweet and tart, and that blend seemlessly into a beautifully satisfying whole. [4]
It's not often I read first person fics and genuinely enjoy them. And I've never read a Due South fic with a credible Fraser voice, either, so this fic was a really great find. It's long, with a storyline going on in the background, and the main story concentrates on the simple relationship between Ray, Fraser, Ray and Stella, and how it becomes more complicated. It's all tied up with the nature of what's home. A good way to spend an hour. [5]
This is a fic that tells the story of what happened between the events of Fraser's capture of Muldoon and the epilogue at the end of CotW. Kindof a missing scene thing to how everything happened between point A and B. When I first read this I got a little confused by one part of the story, where RayV shows up, as confused as Fraser really. Then I realized how closely she was following what happened in that episode and went 'well, duh?', wherein I figured it out. Felt like an idiot too. Got confused on which Kowalski RayV was speaking of just like Frase, forgot there were two of them. RayV was, of course, speaking of the female one Stella. Realized RayK would have given his room to her and my confusion abated. Your probably confused, but read the story and you won't be. I just so hate the idea of any one but RayK and Fraser being together in this fandom I move on at the mere mention of it. That wasn't what she was writing about though, my bad. I'll shut up rambling now. Someone asked me why I hadn't rec'd any of her DS stuff yet and if I had even heard of it. I had. The answer to why I hadn't though was right away I knew Speranza was good, so good I wanted to wait and see what she would come up with given enough time. Give her a few stories under her belt and see how much better she could get. This one is just fabulous, I could so see these as the events leading up to RayK and Fraser's search for the Hand of Franklin, how RayV and The Stella got together. How many of those events we see in the epilogue to CotW occurred. It is a great piece that gives us a nice view as to how they all fell into place. I loved it, found it totally believable. Everyone's reactions, especially Fraser. I loved how Ray comforts him at one point, you'll know it when you get there. Totally beautiful. I loved this one. [6]


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