Endangered Species

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Title: Endangered Species
Editor(s): MaryAnn Bohling/Mary Ann Johanson
Date(s): 1988
Medium: print
Fandom: Starman (TV)
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Endangered Species is a 155-page gen Starman anthology fanzine. It contains fiction, poetry, and art by Linda Craig, Diane Roe, Eileen Roy, Kris Connor & Pat Rorabaugh, Jill Wells, Effie Burton, Deborah Leis, Rhonda Tylinski, Vicki Werkley, Michael S. Lucart, and an episode guide for the show. It won a FanQ award in 1989. It was the first all-fiction Starman zine.


  • Why Do They Hate Me? by Effie Burton (reprinted as a standalone zine)
  • Captured! by Effie Burton (reprinted as a standalone zine)
  • other unknown content