I'm gonna post some memes for a fandom that doesn't exist

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See also: Goncharov, a fandom created on Tumblr for a film that doesn't exist.

Title: I'm gonna post some memes for a fandom that doesn't exist
Creator: charlesoberonn
Date(s): July 31, 2020 - current
Medium: Tumblr
Fandom: Nonexistent Fandom/Empire's Tribute
External Links: original postadditions from other usersarchived version
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I'm gonna post some memes for a fandom that doesn't exist is a Tumblr post by Tumblr user charlesoberonn. It consisted of several common meme formats with the text edited to reflect the details of a non-existent fandom. Other users chimed in with additions and comments based on the initial text provided. It quickly became viral, and the post has 41,683 notes as of December 2nd, 2022.

Charlesoberonn refers to asks and reblogs regarding this post under the tag "Nonexistent Fandom." On August 2nd, 2020, he selected the name "Empire's Tribute" for the fandom using the Random Fantasy Title Generator.[1] A wiki[2] and a discord have since been started. Information added to the wiki is voted on by the Discord server to keep a consistent canon.

It also inspired the Sacred Texts post about a non-existent book saga.

I don’t plan to be the arbiter forever though. I’m gonna let whichever ideas succeed do so on their own merit rather than whether or not I like them.


Plot and Organization

The first arc of Empire's Tribute is titled "First Empire."[3] There are at least three Eras,[4] which are about fifteen to twenty epochs long.[5]

Era 1 includes the First Empire, the Spider-Jellyfish Wars, Cosdoren and Eylore, Grendo the First, the Nine Sages, and the Ocean Crisis. Era 2 includes the Age of Fairies and the Flower Republic. Era 3 includes the Seventeen Kingdoms, the Fire Crisis, the Sky Crisis, the Xenurian Order, the Second Fire Crisis, Kayuna, Beligrad, Tatyus, the Water Crisis, the Ice Crisis, the Spider-God War, the Eighteenth Kingdom, the Apocalypse Arc, the Final Empire, and the Metal Wars.[6]

There is both a show and a book series.[7] There are at least five seasons.[8][9]

Tatyus's origin story takes up three books, Kayuna's one book, and Beligrad's one page. Grendo does not have an origin story.[9]

Era 3's elemental magic system, reincarnation, and hybrid animals are inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender[10].


  • The Archoknights, who defended the First Empire from the forces of evil for 10,000 years in Era 1, but are weak to fire magic in Era 3.[11] They have plain uniforms, swords, and never learned magic.[12]
  • The Archeleoknights, who are archeologists who also save the world.[13] Their leader is Ewinier.
  • The Xenurian Order, which includes Beligrad and Grendo.[7] They have magical swords, colorful armor, and a big buff lady.[12] It may have been founded by Juliae.[14]
  • Kayuna, who has an ancestral legacy and chases a hot guy who promises to make her queen, appearing in Era 3.[11]
  • Docenus, who is possessed by the Spider God.[11]
  • Mozenta, who has daddy issues[7] and is killed by a fireball.[9]
  • Tatyus, who appears in Era 3.[7]
  • Beligrad, who is a member of the Xenurian Order and appears in Era 3. He does not have five fingers.[15] His mom is dead.[9]
  • Almond, a man.[16]
  • Garona, a woman.[16]
  • Grendo, a member of the Xenurian Order who appears in Era 3.
  • Juliae, a pale black-haired woman who may have founded the Xenurian Order and once kissed Xenuria.[14]
  • Xenuria, for whom the Xenurian Order is probably named.
  • Ewinier is the leader of the of the Archeleoknights. It's pronounced E-wiener.[17]
  • The Jellyfish Gods.[9]
  • The identical-looking beekeepers in the First Empire, the Temple of the Spider-God, the Archoknights, the Xenurian Order, the Court of The Faeries, and the Eighteenth Kingdom.[18]
  • Grandpa Xy'loth, who cannot afford as much alcohol as he drinks on his pension.[19]
  • Jazz-Bee, a non-binary lesbian fairy who gets revenge on their family and marries the love of their life.[20]
  • Banafon, a woman in the Xenurian Order.[21]
  • Havu, the Jellyfish queen who originally appears as a background character in Era 1 and plays a major role in Era 2.[22]
  • Grandma Delgoria.[23]
  • Ari the Elder, the hottest octogenarians in the Seventeen Kingdoms.[23]
  • Bienklo, Mozenta's childhood friend from Tulip City, who appears in Era 2.[24]
  • Valluha, who disappeared after season 2.[25]
  • The Sloth Slayer, an antagonist.[26]


  • GrenYun, the most popular ship, Grendon/Kayuna.[8]
  • Beligrad and the prince of the nation that killed his mom, compared to Sokka/Zuko.[27]
  • Selika/Patrina.[16]
  • Grendon/Tatyus (GrenTat)
  • A poly alternative to GrenTat and GrenYun.[28]
  • MozenKlo, Monzenta/Bienklo.[24]
  • Vallyun, Valluha/Kayuna.[29]
  • BeliTat, Beligrad/Tatyus.[30]


Tatyus is a subject of fandom wank, with supporters regarding him as a morally complex character and antis saying that liking him is supporting genocide.[31]

When Mozenta was drawn without his beauty mark, many fans reacted angrily.[15]


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