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This page is for the fake book series created in a series of tumblr posts. You may be looking for Harry Potter and the Sacred Text.
Name: Sacred Texts
Abbreviation(s): BoVS, LftC
Creator: original premise by dramatic-dolphin
Date(s): Aug 23rd, 2020
Medium: book series (imaginary)
Country of Origin:
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Sacred Texts is a nonexistent series of books, initially created by tumblr user dramatic-dolphin and added on by other creators in reblogs.

History of the fandom

This post appears to be following in the footsteps of other tumblr posts where memes were made about character and fandoms that didn't exist, to mimic the feeling of when people on your dashboard were talking about shows you didn't watch. It appeared about one month after a similar post, I'm gonna post some memes for a fandom that doesn't exist.

opinions about a nonexistent fandom: Hey, Sacred Texts fandom! Can y'all stop making Lai and Ipel cousins?[1]-- dramatic-dolphin, 2020

The canon as well as the views from the imagined fandom were expanded on in reblogs. Almost all the responses in the first week appear to be confirming the original posts premise that one side of fandom bashes one ship (Laipel) to make another ship (Lainen) look better.

Canon Overview

The premise of this book series is that each book is written within the world of the series by a different in-universe author with their own perspectives and biases. The world appears to be high fantasy.


(not in chronological order)

  • Light of Dreams is the first book told from an author from the Outer Mountains, as well as one of the first books in the series. Two monks, possibly Rathal and Keitan, leading the monastery are indicated to be spouses through their wearing of a specific type of braids, and their heart-trees being entwined at the center of the monastery garden. This is said to unite their souls permanently. Other monks have come to the monasteries to have similar relationships.[2]
  • Sea of Wings includes a group of main characters including General Rayel who restores her homeland to her people. She refers to that homeland and the future she created for them as her spiritual ‘daughter.’ The main group regularly run into worshipers of Elal and Tiyal, a romantic couple of gods or spirits. This book also deals with Outer Mountains culture. Whether Rayel is a part of it or not is unclear.
  • Still Waters had Lai and Ipel settle all their differences. It also includes a scene where they exchange vows including the line “By the light of Elal and Tiyal”.
  • In Stairway of Swords, the monks return to ally with Rayel.
  • Book of War is considered to be the first book/arc with epic battles. It includes iconic characters such as Ferrix Featherbend. Elal and Tiyal worshipers are seen in a bad light.
  • Travels of Queen Akatoa is a short story told from the point of view of the Queen of the Kalites, Queen Akatoa.
  • BoVS (full title unknown) - Narrator(s) believes Salin uses the Rite of Anlur to stop the Unrepentant. Told from the perspective of followers of Assantur.
  • Letters from the Coast (LftC) - Narrator believes Salin decides to not use the Rite of Anlur at the last minute. Told from the perspective of a Kalite diplomat.
  • Anermathe is another book where the narrator is from the Outer Mountains. They depict Lai and Ipel as cousins.


  • Lai - main character
  • Ipel - main character
  • Keyal the First
  • Apeye
  • Temat
  • Tapat
  • Salin
  • Sanen
  • Quill - spent many years in the Tower as a Vessel
  • Kalue
  • General Rayel
  • Queen Akatoa - Queen of the Kalites
  • Ferrix Featherbend
  • Rathal
  • Keitan


Popular Pairings

  • Lai/Ipel
  • Lai/Sanen
  • Quill/Kalue


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