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Pairing: Einon/Kara
Alternative name(s): King Einon/Kara
Gender category: F/M, Het
Fandom: Dragonheart
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Non-popular
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The pairing of Einon/Kara is only the couple of Dragonheart Fandom, that have a few fanfic on all Internet.


After Prince Einon saw to his father be beaten by the rebels decide to go to where he was. By taking the crown of his dead father, Einon is accidentally hit by Kara and he was mortally wounded. Years later he sees her again, but the king doesn't remember her. Einon kills to her father, and she seeks revenge, but instead of murder him, she's caught and locked in a cell...he manages to remember her, and tells her that there is a debt between them. Einon decides to become her in his girlfriend (fiancée) and attempts to seduce her and make her his queen. [1]

Common Tropes in Fanworks


  • While in the movie, Einon tries to seduce Kara, in the book he raped her. [2]

Example Fanworks



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