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Title: Eden
Author(s): Alie, Ashley, Diamond, Ella, Eve, Krystal, Leigh and Stephanie
Date(s): January - April 2007
Length: 13 chapters
Genre: erotica, hookerfic
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: garden-ofeden @ LJ

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Eden is an unfinished Hanson fanfic by Alie, Ashley, Diamond, Ella, Erin (Eve), Krystal, Leigh and Stephanie. A collaboration between some of the best known names in hanfic, it was written in 2007. The introduction, written by Eve, reads:

Once upon a time, a little dictatorship called Hanson.net "outlawed" fan fiction. Cheesy romances, grungy AU's, thrilling super-naturals- all of them banned. We watched, eventually passively, as the fanfiction world began to decline. They wanted to kill fanfic, and they were achieving it. Stories stopped being submitted to Various Artists. Half-way completed sagas stopped being updated. It's like we were being told to feel guilty about doing what we do best- write- by the band who has always believed in the right to expression and creativity.

Without getting too political now, what ended up happening was a bunch of us decided that we needed to get excited about fan fiction again. Without the writers, there are no stories, and without stories, the readers disappear. Hanson fan fiction goes back almost ten years now. It predates Hanson.net completely and for a large part of the fanbase is a core part of the fandom. One night, Ella, Krystal and I, Eve, got a burst of creative energy and decided to try something new. We figured if we got a lot of amazing writers together, then maybe we would be able to capture the attention of the really amazing readers we used to have. Alie, Ashley, Ella, Gina, Krystal, Leigh, Stephanie and I are excited to present our newest project- Eden. There is a summary on the info page and the first chapter, written by yours truly, is up for your reading pleasure.[1]

Each chapter was written by a different author from the perspective of a different character—either an employee or client of the upscale massage parlor-slash-brothel, Garden of Eden. A similar story, By Appointment Only, was written around the same time and actually completed; some people felt it was a ripoff of Eden.[2]

Reactions and Reviews

From Hanson Secrets:

Elitests my ass. These girls are awesome and there's no shame in admitting it. I love them, I love the story... and I love that in this time when HanFic seems to be dying, they're trying to do something about it to revive a lost art. If you don't like it, don't read it. Let the rest of us enjoy it and be amazed.[3]

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Eden is featured in the PlaceToHide.net hall of fame.


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