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Name: Echo Station
Dates: 1998-2003?
Type: fan-run, non-profit
Fandom: Star Wars
URL: Echo Station
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Echo Station self-identifies as a Star Wars "magazine," but operates more as a website.

General Contents

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  • Squadron Gaming
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  • RPG Resources
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  • Timeline

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  • Store
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Docking Bay:

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Magazine Contents

  • 4/29/03 Don't Tug on Vader's Cape: Should George Lucas have made the prequels? Or should he have left well enough alone?
  • 9/25/02 Star Wars Is NOT Dead! At least ... not yet.
  • 9/12/02 Is Star Wars Dead? Palpy is Sidious, Vader kills everyone but Yoda and Obi-Wan, and Amidala has a couple of kids. The rest is just details.
  • 7/9/02 The Importance of Being Earnest: Acting in the Star Wars Universe: To be a critic, all you have to do is show up.
  • 7/8/02 This Is Not The Column You're Looking For #7: Pain ... Suffering ...: The Second Dark Age of Star Wars is coming!
  • 6/18/02 This Is Not The Column You're Looking For #6: From the Mailbag: If Jocasta Nu can't find it, come to me.
  • 6/16/02 Notes from the Outer Rim #3 - Force Boots +3: Jedi are pretty much clerics and paladins rolled into one.
  • 6/9/02 Notes from the Outer Rim #2 - We Shall Use My Largest Scales!: Cap'n Andy has a few tangents he'd like to explore.
  • 6/7/02 This Is Not The Column You're Looking For #5: You Will Email Me Now ...: Truly, deeply sorry.
  • 6/1/02 Notes from the Outer Rim #1 - The Worst Plan Ever: Cap'n Andy has a few tangents he'd like to explore.
  • 5/21/02 This Is Not The Column You're Looking For #4: It's All Jar Jar's Fault: Four words: Yoda. Is. The. Man.
  • 5/14/02 This Is Not The Column You're Looking For #3: What's This About Yoda Shooting A Gun?: Jay Leno and Connie Chung are idiots.
  • 5/6/02 This Is Not The Column You're Looking For #2: Spider-Man vs. Anakin: Is Star Wars ... gulp ... going to finish SECOND to Spider-Man?
  • 5/2/02 But Can You Eat Them?: Just say no to scalpers.
  • 4/29/02 This Is Not The Column You're Looking For #1: The Fate of the Franchise: Jeff Carter sounds off in his new weekly column. Could Star Wars become too successful for its own good?
  • 4/5/02 Point:Counterpoint - To Spoil ... or Not to Spoil: Toryn Farr and Fox debate the merits of remaining spoiler-free for Episode II
  • 4/2/02 Episode II: Oh, No - Hope!: Gini is George Lucas's bitch again.
  • 12/5/00 The Fandom Menace: an official site in fans' clothing
  • 10/1/00 If You Will Not Turn, Then You Will Be Destroyed!: Why LucasArts is turning its back on the PC
  • 5/23/00 Only Then A Jedi Will You Be...: Is Luke a Jedi Master? Is he even a Jedi at all?
  • 4/9/00 Chewie as Phoenix?: Will our fallen hero rise from the ashes? According to history (and the Ferrett...), it's something to consider.
  • 3/24/00 In Defense of Some fans don't think is doing anything wrong with their fan pages offering.
  • 3/12/00 fans.starwars.con: Elizabeth Durack takes a close look at the Ffree homepages system being offered by the official Star Wars website...and doesn't like it at all. Read this carefully before signing up!
  • 2/13/00 Pablo Hidalgo Says Goodbye: Webmaster of the popular Echo Station substation, Star Wars Index, ends his work to go to Lucasfilm
  • 2/13/00 Fox Takes On Fan Web Sites: Star Wars sites could see more legal action
  • 1/8/00 Star Wars and the Force: The Use of its Myth and Spiritual Guidance
  • 1/1/00 Reflections at the Year 2000: Loren Phillips takes a short look at Echo Station at the turn of the century
  • 12/8/99 Setting The Record Straight: Dave Phillips addresses the frequent questions and rumors circulating on the internet regarding
  • 10/4/99 Spice Up Your Life: Has drug use in the Star Wars universe been handled properly?
  • 9/9/99 Swedish Fans Share The Experience Of Ticket Lines: So, what’s it like to be among the last to see The Phantom Menace? Swedish writer Michael Johansson invites us along for his Episode I adventure
  • 9/9/99 Author, Author: Three regular Echo Station readers compare various Star Wars novelists
  • 8/28/99 T-R-U-E-F-A-N makes for Blue Fans: The Official Fan Club's Outrageous Fees
  • 8/7/99 You Know You Liked TPM: Even if you won't admit it...
  • 8/2/99 You Don't Know What You're Missing: Rogue Squadron is just what you're looking for: A response to Melanie Guidi’s ‘Wedge and Rogue Squadron: Enjoying Well-Deserved Popularity’
  • 7/20/99 Life During Wartime: The Phantom Menace: For one British fan, the struggle to separate hype from anticipation, nostalgia from hope, was doomed from the start.
  • 7/14/99 The Dangers of Hype: Has marketing succeeded in sabotaging its product in more ways than one?
  • 7/12/99 Similarities between "Star Wars" and "Willow": These films have more in common than you might think
  • 7/2/99 The Princess’s New Clothes: Do we value the Queen of Naboo more than the Queen of Hearts?
  • 5/31/99 What Movie?: Our Scottish Staff Member, Ann McMeekin, Points Out That The Star Wars Frenzy Isn't Reaching Everywhere
  • 5/24/99 Dissenting Opinion - Not Everyone Thinks "The Phantom Menace" Lived Up To Its Potential: From the perspective of a fan who lives only for the movies, Loren Phillips talks about this newest episode
  • 5/15/99 The Lure of "Star Wars": Loren Phillips explores the appeal of a fictional story to such a large number of people
  • 5/15/99 A Little Introspection Before We Go Into The Theaters: Jeff Carter reminds us to see past all the marketing to what the new movie is all about
  • 5/14/99 The Night I Scared Mitch Albom: Jody Reeves talks about why her interview on the "Albom In The Afternoon" radio program was kept off the air
  • 5/13/99 Being Last In Line Isn't Easy: Waiting to see "The Phantom Menace" in overseas means difficulty escaping spoilers
  • 5/4/99 Duel of the Fates: Reviewing the first Star Wars "Music Video":
  • 4/15/99 Casting The First Stone: Dave Phillips responds to Sports Columnist Mitch Albom's criticism of Star Wars fans
  • 4/10/99 Losing Continuity: Will Del Ray Ignore The Universe Created By Bantam?: Sabrina Fried explores the real possibility that the Star Wars history we know from the Bantam novels being altered or ignored by the new books Del Rey is poised to publish.
  • 4/8/99 Write Speed: I’m out of it for a while and everyone gets delusions of grandeur: Gini McDonagh fills us in on the happenings at the Echo Emag
  • 4/2/99 Fett-uration: Boba Fett From Minor Role To Cultural Icon...To Nuisance: How this character went from mysterious to ridiculous through overexposure
  • 3/18/99 "Wing Commander" Movie Review: It ain't no "Star Wars", baby
  • 1/1/99 Write Speed: Echo Station webmaster Dave Phillips pipes up with his thoughts on the new year.
  • 10/20/98 Write Speed: Editor Gini McDonagh dishes the latest on Echo:
  • 10/20/98 Of Brains And Brawn: Jeff Carter dusts of the old editorial pen and dives in on a major flaw in the actions of the Emperor's elite
  • 10/20/98 Boba Ferrett Versus Boba Fett: Our favorite rodent takes on the Mystery Man of STAR WARS. Fett fans, brace yourselves!
  • 10/20/98 The Love Of Money: The LFL Marketing behemoth is on insane overdrive, and a few of us, including Dave and Loren Phillips, are sick to death of it.
  • 10/20/98 Who You Callin' A Dork?: Was Han Solo really as cool as people like to think, or did he have an unfair edge over the younger Luke?
  • 10/20/98 The Future of Star Wars' Past: One fan gives his opinion on the Prequel trailer, and what it means for Star Wars fans everywhere.
  • 10/20/98 Meet Joe Trailer: It's real, it's in theaters, it's bigger than life!
  • 10/20/98 How Much Is Too Much?: Jody Reeves takes on the LucasFilm Marketing Machine and says there may be too much out there...
  • 10/20/98 Have You Heard This One?: The ever humorous Ferrett takes on the stunning amount of Prequel Rumors on the 'Net these days.
  • 10/20/98 ACH! These Kids Today: Jody Reeves explains things from the point of view of someone who saw STAR WARS in a theater. The FIRST time!
  • 10/20/98 Prequel Madness: Jeff Carter takes a look at the Prequel Mania sweeping the globe!
  • 10/20/98 A Thin Wedge Of Sanity: Resident certified Wedge Antilles lunatic Jim Fisher explains the psychology of fans whose hero had, what, like five lines in the whole trilogy?