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Name: E.A. Weeks
Alias(es): E.A. Week
URL: Author's Fan Fiction.Net Page
Some of her Xena fan fiction
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E.A. Weeks (also known as E.A.Week) is a fan fiction writer who also wrote articles for the Xena newsletter Whoosh! as well as meta commentary on Buffy on SciFiDimensions.[1] She published some of her Xena fan fiction in fanzines,[2] but has also written online fan fiction for Buffy, Hercules, Spider-Man, Doctor Who, and Italian Job.

From her online bio pages:

"My first real “love,” fan-wise, was the original Doctor Who series, which I discovered thanks to a couple of college friends in the long-ago summer of 1988. From there, I went on to the lovely UK TV series Robin of Sherwood—still, to my mind, the best version of the Robin Hood legend that has ever been filmed. Seriously, if you’ve never seen this wonderful show, it’s out on DVD, and I highly recommend it. I also had interests in other British TV offerings—Monty Python, Blackadder, Mystery. After finishing graduate school, I discovered The X-Files, Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel: The Series. When I finally stopped watching The West Wing, I hit a dry patch where nothing on TV seemed to interest me. Then, in the summer of 2005, a friend I’d met through Robin of Sherwood fandom brought to my house a complete set of DVDs from the new Doctor Who series. I was immediately re-captivated! My descent into drooling, gibbering fangirl idiocy was cemented when David Tennant took over the role of the Doctor—I loved all the others, but to me, Tennant IS the Doctor. In a strange way, my fannish interests have come full circle, and I’m right back where I started."[3]

If you're riding public transportation in Boston and hear a maniacal cackle of laughter, it's not the Boston Strangler. It's just E.A. Week thinking about Hercules or Xena. E.A. "discovered" both shows in the spring of 1997 and quickly became a hard-core nutball. She enjoys writing fan fiction and revels in creating silly stories about the Herk-Xenaverse. Her work can be found at Tom's Xena Page and Lessa's Smithsonian Page. She has also contributed to traditional 'zines: The View From Olympus, By the Sword of Ares 2 and The Daily Muse (forthcoming). In mundane life, E.A. holds a master's degree, is gainfully employed, and an avid swimmer. When not otherwise occupied, she devotes her time to reviving the Cult of Ares for the 21st century. Feel free to leave a donation on your way out. (From "Dissing Dahak: What Went Wrong In The Third Season Of Xena: Warrior Princess", Whoosh.org, Issue 26)[4]