Dying Embers

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Dying Embers
Author(s): Anna Parrish
Date(s): 1992
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Dying Embers is a Kirk/Spock story by Anna Parrish.

The author has this note: "If you read CONSORT 3 and notice GODxxx in my story "Dying Embers," please be advised that I did not put it there. The editor inadvertently inserted it in ay writing without my approval. I have NEVER and will never purposely use that word in my stories or in my zines."[1]

It was published in the print zine Consort #2.


"Kirk begins to have dreams of past lives, in all of which he and Spock are lovers and Spock dies saving him."

Reactions and Reviews

This was another imaginative story by Anna, whose writing improves with each story. Although I didn't always agree with Kirk's past lives as typical of him. I found the premise 'fascinating'. [2]
Death scenes are not my thing...unless I know that there is a chance of resurrection! Thus, when I started reading Dying Embers it was with some reserve. But the story was a treat for this reader. A very unusual storyline with a dash of mystery and eternal romance makes this story a must read! The plot, though very complicated, was masterfully written. Through a series of flashbacks and dreams Kirk realizes that he and Spock have been lovers throughout eternity. Unfortunately, each affair ends in the termination of Spock’s life. The loving pair is portrayed as Vulcan warriors, Indian prince/Calvary officer, and police officer/wino. Kirk has one major problem now that realizes he loves Spock. He is afraid to LOVE Spock for fear of his death!

Note that the setting and time period for the story is during the Wrath of Khan. Due to this fact I was able to plow right through this wonderful story. If anything I wish the author gave us more time and details with the past lives, especially with the Vulcan warriors. This story could have easily been a full length novel!

If you have not checked out Consort 3 from the library, I would suggest asking for it. Thank you, K/S Library, for making these works available to the new readers. [3]


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