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Journal Community
Name: dwsanta
Date(s): 2010 - 2011
Moderator: jessicaqueen
Founder: jessicaqueen
Type: holiday gift exchange
Fandom: Doctor Who
URL: dwsanta on LJ; archive link

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Dwsanta is a livejournal community founded in 2010 that hosts The Doctor Who Secret Santa Fic Exchange, a holiday fic exchange focused on the Doctor Who New Who continuity and characters. People can offer and request characters from Classic Who and spin offs, but in connection to New Who characters. All kind of pairings are allowed.

The exchange did not run in 2012.

Masterlist 2010

Masterlist on Community: The 2010 dwsanta Master List

  • Somewhere Different Now (Eleven/Amy) by monanotlisa
  • Thermogenesis (Martha/Ten/Jack) by yamx
  • Bail and a Phone Call for (Amy/Rory) by beingfacetious
  • Left Behind (Rose, Jack, Pete’s World crew, Rose/Jack and Rose/Jack/Nine implied) by azriona
  • Want (Ten/Simm!Master) by von_gelmini
  • Foreshadowing (Rose/Nine, Rose/Ten) by professor_spork
  • forever is a very long time (forever isn’t long at all when I’m with you) (Ten (John Smith), Rose (The Doctor), Doctor/Rose (John/Doctor)) by rewindclunkplay
  • It’s All About the Cake, Really (Eleven/River, Amy/Rory) by alt_universe_me
  • Back on track (Eleventh Doctor, Jack Harkness with a little Eleven/Jack, Amy and Rory (mentioned)) by navaan
  • Behind the Veil (Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble) by juliet316
  • Impetus (Ninth Doctor/Rose Tyler/Jack Harkness) by wojelah
  • 2000 years of boredom, or how Rory Williams made some friends (Plastic!Rory and mentions of Amy and 11, implied Rory/Amy) by puppetdumbly
  • Love is Watching Someone Die (Jack/10.5) by mahmfic
  • Treasured Stranger (Amy/Rory/11) by cysfics
  • A Night to Remember (Doctor (10), Donna, Sylvia, Wilf) by mental_murmurs
  • Like Fire and Ice and RageTen II/Rose) by wildwinterwitch
  • A Daring Rescue (Eleventh Doctor; Amy Pond; Rory Williams; the Master; River Song) by psychicvanity
  • Running Alone (Nine/Jack/Rose, Jackie) by plaid_slytherin
  • In the spotlight (Amy, Rory, Eleven, OCs) by bwinter
  • Gone (Rose/11) by shadowtights
  • Causal Loop (Jack Harkness, Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, a couple of OCs) by wendymr
  • Taking Care of River (Amy Pond, River Song, Eleven; Amy/River) by apple_pathways
  • Unexpected but Not Unwelcome (Ten, Jack, Rose, Ten/Jack, Ten/Rose, Rose/Jack, Ten/Rose/Jack) by angelofprey
  • Close Encounters of the Team TARDIS Kind (Rory, Doctor (Ten), Donna) by wnnb_darklord
  • Thirty-Four Degrees Celsius (10.5/Rose) by housemaid79
  • Watch and Wait (Master/Martha, Master/Doctor) by the_redjay
  • Different Kind of Lesson (Eleven/Amy) by ravenclawreject
  • Blips in Space-Time (Rose, Jack, Tenth Doctor (briefly), Donna) by lumalit
  • Give (Theta/Simm! Master) by silvermoon07
  • Possess (Theta/Koschei) by silvermoon07
  • Risk (Ten/Koschei) by silvermoon07
  • Taboo (Five/Ainley!Master) by silvermoon07
  • Mine (Ten/Simm!Master) by silvermoon07
  • Madame Bijou (Ten/Rose) by cloudydaise
  • The Way We Get By (Jack, Nine, Rose) by joking
  • Always There (Reinette and Rory) by evilhippo
  • Turbulence (Eleven, Amy/Rory and a special guest) by annyong
  • Out of Synch (Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness) by trobadora
  • Of Childhood Dreams and Great Escapes by jessicaqueen
  • Love and Adventure in Cardiff (Ten, Donna Noble, TenII, Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Ten/Donna, Jack/Ianto) by juliet316
  • The Flight of the Lamborions (Rose/Ten) by froxyn
  • It’s Not Christmas Without a Kiss (Rose/Doctor (10th)) by away_fromitall
  • A Girl’s Best Friend (Ten II/Rose) by froxyn
  • Please Reinstall Universe and Reboot (Amy/Eleven) by thette
  • A Memory of Youth (Ten/Rose) by pippnfrodo
  • Dying People’s Hair is Always a Problem (Amy, Rory) by oobiemcruby
  • On The Mend (Ten/Rose) by navaan
  • Through Bright Lights and Stormy Weather (Ten II/Rose) by jessicaqueen
  • The Persistence of Memory by geekymary
  • Past Present Resolutions (Ten/Jack) by by jessicaqueen
  • Those Who Live a Life Without (Ten/Rose, Jack, Donna, brief appearance by the Master) by by jessicaqueen

Masterlist 2011

Masterlist on Community: The 2011 dwsanta Master List

  • Near (Ten/Rose, Jackie, Mickey) by earlgreytea68
  • Post Script (Eleven/Amy) by alt_universe_me
  • How to Save a Man From Drowning (Ganger!Eleven/Jack, Eleven) by joking
  • Coral Tunnels (Ten/Rose) by gentlehobbit
  • A Well-Crafted Pair of Handcuffs (Ten/Simm!Master) by jessicaqueen
  • Don’t Panic, Or The Ponds’ Guide to Surviving the Galaxies (Amy/Rory) by wojelah
  • Bad Hospitality (Nine/Rose/Jack) by maniacalshen
  • The Doctor and His Wife (Doctor/TARDIS/River) by ravenalegria13
  • Titans (Rose/Doctor, Mickey, Pete, Jackie, Jake, Martha, OC) by doctahr
  • A Time For Lasts (Ten/Jack) by trobadora
  • There Will Be Time (Amy/Rory, Doctor, River) by lavendergaia
  • Blame the Daiquiris (Ten, Rose, Donna) by timelord1
  • A Pond Family Christmas (Amy/Rory, Eleven/River, Pondlings (OCs)) by apple_pathways
  • Finders Keepers (Ten/Ianto/Jack) by wnnb_darklord
  • Health Hazard (Ten, Donna) by jessicaqueen
  • Fish Fingers and Custard for (Amy, Eleven) by themuslimbarbie
  • Message in a Bottle (Ten/Rose, Jackie, Jack, the Tyler family, the Torchwood 3 team) by miranda_wave
  • The Last (and First) Christmas Gift (Eleven, Amy, Rory, River, Melody) by eriphi
  • Symbiosis (Ten/TARDIS, Rose) by jessicaqueen
  • Changes (Ten, Donna, Jack) by fortisgreen
  • Cause and Effect (Rose, River, Doctor, Rory, Amy, Lorna Bucket, Ten II) by arliddian
  • Abominable Christmas (Eleven/River) by xenaclone
  • Overdressed and Overheated (Ten/Simm!Master) by 10docandr
  • The Honey Moon of Dr. Jonathan Song (Eight, Eleven, Charley and River) by tardiscrash
  • In No Particular Order (Jack/River) by alafaye
  • Fish Fingers and Custard Times Two (Amy/Eleven) by heintz57
  • Dark Siren (Ten/Rose) by larxene_12
  • Time and Timelessness (Ten/Rose) by who_in_whoville
  • Sandwich (Eleven/Jack/River, Nine, Rose) by merryghoul
  • Home (Donna, Eleven, Amy/Rory) by karlamartinova
  • Saying I’m Sorry Isn’t Always Easy - Sometimes Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Five/Ainley!Master) by silvermoon07
  • Different but the Same (Ten/Donna, Eleven/River) by jedimasterstar
  • The Saturnalia Deviation (Eleven, Amy, Rory, the Big Bang Theory ensemble) by thette
  • Meet the Girls (Amy, Martha, Donna, Rose, Amy/Rory, Jack/Nine/Rose and Martha/Tom Milligan) by navaan
  • Shore Leave Mark II (Ten/Romana, Rose/Other) by sirvalkyrie
  • Still the Doctor (Ten II/Rose) by flyninthetardis
  • Because he's not going to wait an eternity for you... (Eleven, Amy, Rory) by evilhippo
  • Survival of the Fittest (Nine/Rose/Jack, Nine/Rose) by tala_hiding