Dubcon: Fanfiction, Power, and Sexual Consent

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Academic Commentary
Title: Dubcon: Fanfiction, Power, and Sexual Consent
Commentator: Milena Popova
Date(s): 2021
Medium: print
Fandom: panfandom
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Dubcon: Fanfiction, Power, and Sexual Consent is a 2021 book by Milena Popova.

Popova offers a close reading of three fanfiction stories in the Omegaverse genre, examines the “arranged marriage” trope, and discusses the fanfiction community's response when a sports star who was a leading character in RPF (real person fiction) was accused of rape. Proposing that fanfiction offers a powerful discursive resistance on issues of rape and consent that challenges dominant discourses about gender, romance, sexuality, and consent, Popova shows that fanfiction functions as a form of cultural activism.[1]

The term "dubcon" refers to fanworks involving sex of "dubious consent". This indicates that consent is unknown, not established with certainty, or gained through questionable circumstances.

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