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Journal Community
Name: DS Meta
Date(s): Created on 10 January 2007
Moderator: aingeal8c, justbreathe80, brooklinegirl
Founder: justbreathe80
Type: meta discussion
Fandom: Due South
URL: ds_meta

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ds_meta is a Due South livejournal community for meta discussion.

For the purposes of the community, meta is defined as discussion of both canon (example: Ray's use of the word queer in the show) or fandom (example: The challenges of using Fraser POV). This is not meant as a discussion of writing PROCESS per se (so, no discussion of how you write in terms of process, but WHAT you write), but more as a discussion of content. The what instead of the how, if you will. Whatever. Um. Meta...yay?[1]

As of February 2021, the community has 56 posts, 987 comments, and 124 members.[1]


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