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Journal Community
Name: 6 Degrees of due South
Date(s): created 8 September 2005
Moderator: luzula, kelliem
Fandom: 6 Degrees of Canada
URL: ds_6degrees

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ds_6degrees is a LiveJournal community started by Due South fans for "those interested in PG/CKR role/role pairings/crossovers: fiction, discussion, recs, links... whatever."[1]

This comm may be the first in what grew into C6D. The profile notes that "There's so much good due-South-related crossover fic and nowhere to find it (or talk about it)."[1]

As of 2021 the community has 153 posts, 150 comments, and 128 members. The interests list includes:[1]

aspen extreme, bliss, buffalo jump, buried on sunday, callum keith rennie, chasing rainbows, cold comfort, curtis' charm, don mckellar, due south, existenz, frank's cock, ginger snaps back, h2o, hard core logo, hugh dillon, last night, lone hero, masterminds, memento, men with brooms, mlaad, murder most likely, paint cans, paris or somewhere, paul gross, slings & arrows, tales of the city, tricks, twitch city, whole new thing, wilby wonderful


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