Drinking n' Fighting (The Magnificent Seven archive)

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Name: Drinking n' Fighting (DNF)
Date(s): 2002 to present
Archivist: Ashlyn, Limlaith, Charlotte
Founder: Elanor Graves
Type: Archive, Mailing List
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven
URL: Drinking n' Fighting :: Chris/Buck Gen and Slash Archive, Archived version
Drinking n' Fighting.png
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Drinking n' Fighting (DNF) is an adult fiction archive for the slash pairing of Chris Larabee/Buck Wilmington of the television series The Magnificent Seven.

The archive accepts all stories regardless of rating or subject matter that features, highlights any and all aspects of their relationship.


The archive began with the mailing list Drinking n' Fighting, created Nov 19, 2002 by Elanor Graves as a present to Charlotte C Hill [1]. Soon afterward, Elanor created an archive for the mailing list. It was exclusively a slash archive, until it was converted to eFiction September 2003 [2]. At the time, the archive was expanded to include Chris & Buck Gen stories.

Change in Leadership

Elanor gave up ownership of the mailing list to Diamondback August 21, 2003 [3], who was the owner briefly, before Charlotte Hill took ownership Oct 19, 2003 [4].

Elanor stayed on as the archivist until 2007 when she handed over the archive to Ashlyn and Limlaith.


In October 2007, Elanor created Purgatory on Charlotte's behalf [5]. It was built for the authors who wished to participate in challenges issued by members of the Drinking n Fighting mailing list but were inspired to write about pairings (or groups) that didn't include Chris/Buck.


  1. ^ The DNF Yahoo Group website has a founding date of Nov 19, 2002.
  2. ^ The first eFiction user account was created September 21, 2003.
  3. ^ The DNF Yahoo Group moderator activity log has Elanor making Diamondback an owner Aug 21, 2003 and demoting herself Aug 23, 2003.
  4. ^ According to the DNF Yahoo group moderator activity logs Diamondback made Charlotte an owner Aug 24, 2003, but it wasn't until Oct 19, 2003 that Diamondback was removed as owner/moderator.
  5. ^ On Sep 23, 2007 Ellie posted a message to the DNF mailing list stating that she had installed Purgatory in a sub directory of the DNF archive website.