Dr. Who: Tapezine

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Title: Dr. Who: Tapezine
Editor(s): David Howe
Date(s): May 1983
Medium: audio cassette
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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Dr. Who: Tapezine is a Doctor Who tape zine on audio cassette.

For other similar zines, see: Doctor Who Tapezines.

The first known Doctor Who tapezine was called, simply, Dr. Who: Tapezine and was issued in May 1983. The one-hour cassette was produced by David J. Howe, who now runs Telos Publishing, a successful company specialising in original fiction and reference works based on Doctor Who and other series. Dr. Who: Tapezine could be obtained by members of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society for free - they just had to send a C60 cassette and a stamped addressed envelope to the production address. The idea caught on - although Dr. Who: Tapezine itself did not return for a second issue - and before long, there were several Doctor Who tapezines on the market, such as Wotan, Sonic Waves, The Master Tape and Zero Room, competing for listeners. It was actually a very friendly rivalry, with tapezine producers often contributing material to the audio productions of others.... Who: Tapezine Issue 1 featured an interview with Mary Tamm, a history of the Cybermen, a quiz and a record spot which comprised Dudley Simpson's The World of Doctor Who (a great music track of Dudley's incidentals from The Mind of Evil) and two novelty singles, Who is Doctor Who? by Fraser Hines and Who's Who by Roberta Tovey, the feature film Susan. In many cases, this would have been some fans' first opportunity to hear these tracks. [1]


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