Double Rainbow All The Way Awards

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Name: Double Rainbow All The Way Awards
Date(s): 2013 - 2014
Frequency: Annual
Format: Popular vote
Type: fanficiton
Associated Community: doublerainbowfanfiction
Fandom: Backstreet Boys
URL: doublerainbowfanfiction
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The Double Rainbow All The Way Awards, also known as the DRATW Awards, were fanfiction awards for the Backstreet Boys fandom. The awards were hosted on Double Rainbow Fiction, and moderated by the archive's owner Rose. Fans nominated the stories and an online vote determined the winner.


Story Awards

  • Best 1st Person POV – “So Vivid”
  • Best Angst – “So Intense”
  • Best Overall Novel – “I Can’t Even Capture It On My Camera”
  • Best Romance – “So Bright”
  • Best Horror/Suspense – “Oh, Oh My God”
  • Best Oneshot (no more than one chapter)– “That’s a Whole Rainbow There”
  • Best Series – “It’s Starting To Look Like A Triple Rainbow”
  • Most Creative – “What Does It Mean?”

Character Awards

  • Best Villain – “The Baddest Fuckin’ Rainbow I’ve Ever Seen”
  • Best Hero – “Full of Awe”

Author Awards

  • Best Author – “Double Rainbow All The Way Across The Sky”
  • Best New/Unrecognized Author (must not have won an award before) – “Look At That Rainbow!”