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Name: Double Indemnity
Date(s): 2004 - c. 2007
Archivist: Jennifer Oksana
Founder: Jennifer Oksana
Type: het
Fandom: Angel: The Series
URL: (Wayback, April 2006)
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Double Indemnity is a fanfic archive for the pairing Wesley/Lilah from Angel: The Series. It is part of the BtVS Writers' Guild. The site is named after the 1942 film starring Barbara Stanwyck and Fred Macmurray.

While online, the site contained over 150 fanfics and multiple meta essays.


Lilah and Wesley. Morally complicated, ambigious, dangerously sexy. One of the most popular relationships on Angel, thanks to the hot sex, star-crossed love, shaded emotions, and intriguing storylines and characters. A noir movie fit into five minutes an episode. Bogart and Bacall. Stanwyck and MacMurray. Tierney and Andrews.

Wes and Lilah are sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. A black and white movie in full color. Devil-may-care and romantically tragic; some sort of crazy blend of love and lust. Glamorous, glorious. A double-crossing love affair where nothing is what it seems.

Sadly, as much as I personally love the movie, there is no information about the 1942 noir film here, in case you were looking.[1]


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