Doomed Tryst

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Journal Community
Name: Doomed Tryst
Date(s): August 18, 2006 - January 2012 (last entry)
Moderator: rosekay, wtfbrain
Type: pairing
Fandom: Doom (2005)
URL:; archive link

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Doomed Tryst was a LiveJournal community dedicated to the twincest pairing of John/Samantha from Doom (2005) fandom.

"Here be Grimmcest. Beware.

It's a fandom of three, sanyin, dragonling, and onetimeoffer, possibly the only three people in existence shipping John and Samantha Grimm from the Doom movie.

Oh, don't look at us like that. You know you saw it, too."

As of May 12, 2015, the community has 53 members.