DolittleMD's Page of Procrastination

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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: DolittleMD's Page of Procrastination
Author: DolittleMD
Dates: last update 14 May 2001
Fandom: The X-Files, Star Trek: TNG
URL: (Wayback)
DolittleMD's Page of Procrastination.png
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DolittleMD's Page of Procrastination is DolittleMD's fanfic page. It also has a section for altered images.

The site was a member of the Skinner/Scully Webring.

The X-Files

  • Salience Sk UST PG-13
  • Preponderance SK/Sc UST R
  • Sweet Torture SK/SC NC-17
  • A Tango Tale SK/SC MSR NC-17
  • Anomie M/SC/SK friendship PG-13
  • What Lead Me to My Fate SC PG
  • Bildungsroman SK/SC R after "Millennium"
  • The FBI Has Nothing To Hide SK/SC NC-17
  • Puzzle Series SC/SK/M UST MythArc R
    • Puzzle Part 1 "Opening the Box"
    • Puzzle Part 2 "The Sky Bits are Hell"
    • Puzzle Part 3 "Landscapes are Easy"

Star Trek: The Next Generation

  • Secondskin R
  • And I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing PG-13
  • Swingers PG-13
  • Omega PG-13