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Fan Club
Name: Doctor Who Club of Victoria (also known as "Doctor Who Fan Club of Victoria")
Dates: 1979-present
Founder(s): Various; commonly (but inaccurately) attributed to Adrienne Losin
Country based in: Australia
Focus: Doctor Who
External Links: current club website, Archived version
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The Doctor Who Club of Victoria is based in Victoria, Australia and has published a few Doctor Who zines.

From their About Page:

"The Doctor Who Club Of Victoria (DWCV) was formed in 1979 as a result of a appearance by the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, at Doncaster Shoppingtown. The first meetings were held at various homes around Melbourne. There were no VCRs available in those days; meetings consisted mostly of showing off merchandise, wearing long scarves and lots of talking. Adrienne Losin produced a publication, The Victorian Time Machine, and later in the year we had our first convention in a church hall in Fitzroy. The following year, it became clear that a committee was needed to administer our soaring membership, and this was formed in June 1980 with John Davies as our first President. The Club was incorporated in 1981.

A new monthly publication, Sonic Screwdriver, was launched and an occasional fanzine, Supervoc, which consisted mainly of quality fan fiction and illustrations. In the years that followed, the increasing membership began meeting at larger venues such as Moonee Ponds Town Hall and Melbourne University, and our annual Christmas parties became legendary. We have hosted many conventions, with guests such as Sophie Aldred, Robert Jewell, Dudley Simpson, Sandra Reid, Lalla Ward, David Banks-Stewart and Sylvester McCoy, and we have collaborated with professional convention organisers...."[1]

The club is still very much active.

In the mid-to-late 1990s, it was a member of the Multiverse Science Fiction Group. During the 2020s, it networks with other media SF clubs such as Star Walking Inc and Austrek.

In 1993, one of their flyers went astray and ended up on the Blake's 7 forum on FidoNet raising suspicions about legitimacy.[2]



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