Do Kyungsoo

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Name: Do Kyungsoo
Also Known As: D.O., Kyungsoo
Occupation: singer, actor
Medium: EXO
Works: It's okay that's love, Cart, Hello Monster, EXO Next Door , Hello Monster, Unforgettable, My annoying brother, Room No7, Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds , Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days, Swing Kids , 100 Days My Prince
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D.O. is a member of the K-pop band EXO. He was born in January 12 of 1993 in the Gyeonggi Province of South Korea. He debuted on January 30, 2012 in both EXO and its Korean subunit, Exo-K. He has been singing since primary school and performed in various singing competitions before participating in an audition for SM Entertainement in 2010. He was a high schooler when he became a trainee for SM Entertainement.[1] He enlisted in the Korean army from July 1st, 2019[2] to January 25, 2021. [3]



Kyungsoo is well known for his love of food and cooking. This hobby is part of many fanworks, examples of which can be found here[4] or here.[5] For this reason, jokes comparing him to Gordon Ramsay are common:

y'all better ship kyungsoo & gordon ramsay


they are made for each other.


I heard from a k-exol that when kyungsoo was 16 he saw a boy crying bc he couldn't cook for his life. Kyungsoo helped the boy learn cooking and showed him all the techniques and basics. that boy was Gordon Ramsey. This is inspiring, thank you do kyungsoo.



Kyungsoo has astigmatism [6], which has caused him to be misunderstood many times as him squinting to see looks like he's glaring. For this reason, fans gave him the nickname "Satansoo". However, this nickname lost its popularity with the fans, as some were concerned it was being used by anti-fans and others generally regarded it as cringy.

yeah i've noticed that some exo fans tell other fans to stop calling kyngsoo satansoo when he makes the funny face and i dont get it. isn't it a pretty harmless nickname

why do some exo fans have a problem with the nickname satansoo

I guess it can get pretty annoying? Since some childish fans just slam "satansoo satansoo XD" whenever he breathes towards the members people assume he hates, especially if he gets caught derping at the same time. Personally, I'm not bothered by it that much, either.

why do some exo fans have a problem with the nickname satansoo

i think it's because people tend to think it pushes the whole kyungsoo is always angry and hates all the members image to non fans especially

personally i don't mind the nickname itself that much, but it's so 2013/2014? i just get the same kinda cringe-y feeling when i see it as when i see people saying still saying yehet everywhere

why do some exo fans have a problem with the nickname satansoo


Kyungsoo is shipped with all the members of EXO. However, three ships are generally considered as the most popular inside the fandom: D.O./Kai with 23,773 fics on Asianfanfics and 5,942 fics on AO3 ; D.O./Chanyeol with 2,855 on Asianfanfics and 2,418 on AO3 and Baekhyun/Kyungsoo with 1,326 on Asianfanfics and 1,677 on AO3 (on April 2021).


  • Most popular actor for Unforgettable at the 2016 (52nd) BaekSang Arts Awards[7]
  • Most popular actor for My annoying brother at the 2017 (53rd) BaekSang Arts Awards[8]
  • Best new actor for My annoying brother at the 2017 (38th) Blue Dragon Film Awards[9]
  • Most popular actor at the 2019 (55th) BaekSang Arts Awards[10]



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