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Title: Disease
Creator: Yusagi aka darkbunnyrabbit
Date: August 2007
Music: "All These Lives" by Daughtry
Fandom: Heroes
URL: YouTube

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Disease is a Heroes vid by Yusagi. It was reviewed on July 30, 2007 by luridmuse at the reel vidding community.

Vidder's summary: "BLOOD WARNING: Its true, Heroes is a gorey show. I didn't include the worst, but there is still alot of blood. Spoilers for eps 1 - 11. Anyway, I was looking through Heroes vids the other day, and was annoyed to find there seemed to be only pro-Sylar vids. So, I decided to make a vid that portrayed Sylar as the heroes see him. I used the Nikki/DL/Micah stuff out of context, cause it fit the song, so technically its slightly AU."


From the 2007 review at the reel:
"Overall impression: There are very few Heroes videos out there I’ve noticed. I am not sure if that is due to lack of fans or lack of resources, so it’s always nice to find one floating around. This video shows the evils of Sylar, and overall isn’t a bad video but there were some moments that seemed either out of place or scenes that could have probably been replaced with more befitting ones. It’s still well worth the watch for any fan of the show.

Titles: I am not sure of the titles on this one, the video starts with the “Disease” title running over the top of Nikki’s face with no other information, and then the titles are again at the end of the video over a black screen taking up a good chunk at the end…something about the title in the beginning seems out of place and perhaps just putting all the title at the end would have worked better.

Music choice: a very befitting song to be used for Sylar. The beat is good and it moves fairly well without large musical interludes, pauses and it’s not overly long. The lyrics are particularly befitting – pointing out that Sylar’s inhumane acts are not “human” and that he’s more like a plague/disease on mankind and the other Heroes.

Narration, Tone and Movement: The narration is supposed to be about the evils of Sylar and how he is a problem for the Heroes. I had a hard time discerning this at some points though, and there were just a lot of scenes of blood that I think could have been replaced with more poignant scenes that would be less bloody. The dark tone of Sylar is ever-present in the video, though in some scenes the movement is not fluid and, again do to the amount of gore scenes used, you can get overwhelmed and lost in them and not follow along completely with the story. I like gore, I love horror, but there are some scenes of it in here that just seem out of place or put in just because they are of gore and not because they have anything to do with Sylar.

Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Coloring: Most of the cuts are simple overlay and/or cut from scene to see. No obvious special effects or coloring used. Some of the overlay/cuts between scenes are not timed to the lyrics right or seem out of place but all in all it’s a pretty smooth transition from scene to scene without overwhelming effect.

Specific vid & music notes: 0:16- “Glass is sprayed across the floor from the broken window” timed very nicely with a shot of broken bloody glass. 1:13- lyrics are posters hung on building walls of missing faces with a shot of pictures up on a corkboard. However at this point the video seems to linger on the picture of Hiro and (I can not remember her name to save my life) and seems to not flow with the movement of the video. Various pointed in the video the POV seems to change from Sylar to others (for instance at one point the video seems to change to be discussing Peter as the subject, other times Claire) the only time it seems to target specifically on Sylar is during the chorus of the song. 1:45 this scene (the nosebleed) is used earlier in the video as well. 1:55 “Shed the light on all the ones who…” this shows a shot of a blood wall and Im not sure what it has to do at this particular moment in the video. Likewise with the scene that follows right after this with peter crashing his car into a wall to the completion of that particular line in the song. 2:12 a scene of Nikki sliding down the wall/mirror that seems like it comes a line later that it should have.

Final notes: I would like to note that most of things I found with this video are not the vidder’s fault in the least. With lack of material out there to use being that Heroes is only in its first season it is hard to make a character centric video. The vidder did try very hard though and put a lot of effort into this and it shows. I think adding in some new clips from after Episode 12 and a editing out some of the gore scenes as well as structuring it a bit more would make this video even better. The video is still well worth the watch for a synopsis of the characters and their complications with Sylar."