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Title: Dinghies
Publisher: MacWombat Press
Medium: print
Fandom: Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Language: English
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Dinghies is a het series of stories written by Linda Mooney. These stories are published as single editions (12-16 pgs. in length). Each edition is in digest booklet format. Ratings content range from G to R, with adult-featured stories marked.

The summaries below are from Agent With Style.

Dinghies 1 "Afternoons with Madeira" (Three vignettes which give a glimpse of what the Captain and Mrs. Muir might talk about during their weekly get-togethers. Based on the episode 'Madeira, My Dear'.) Rated G.

Dinghies 2 "The Muir, the Merrier" (When Carolyn allows a paranormal investigator to disprove the existence of the captain, she ends up with more than she bargained for!) Rated G.

Dinghies 3 "What Dreams May Come" (On a cold snowy day, Carolyn's most secret wishes become dreams that are so real, she can actually touch him.) Rated R for sexual content.

Dinghies 4 "Red Sky at Morning" (Carolyn Muir's world is turned upside-down with the revelation that the Captain may be alive in 1972 -- and married to her.) Rated PG for suggestive content.

Dinghies 5 "Captain Ahab's Flapjacks and Waffles" (It was an odd little painting that Carolyn just couldn't pass up. A painting that lent itself to her imagination...) Rated G.

Dinghies 6 "Unmaidenly Voyager" (Carolyn discovers the pages of manuscript the Captain didn't send to The Feminine View. Based on the episode "Captain Gregg's Whiz-Bang".) Rated R for sexual content.

Dinghies 7 "Not a Snowball's Chance in Heck" (When Jonathan's choice of words get him in trouble at school, Carolyn has to convince the captain to clean up his language.) Rated G.

Dinghies 8 "Muir Investigations" (Carolyn and the captain must travel to a small village in Maine to discover why a spirit is haunting another small cottage and its family . . . a spirit calling itself Captain Daniel Gregg. A 'What If?' wherein Carolyn and the captain are in business as paranormal investigators.) Rated PG.

Dinghies 9 "Firelight" (Flickering firelight throws shadows on the bedroom walls, and Carolyn -- weary and half-asleep -- imagines she sees the figure of her and the captain embracing. Or is it her imagination?) Rated R for sexual content.

Dinghies 10 "C.S.I.: Schooner Bay" (A best-loved teacher and grandmother is found shot to death, and Carolyn has to figure out why. Was it an accident? Or was she the target of someone's anger? A 'What If?' wherein Carolyn and the captain work for a Crime Scene Investigation unit.) Rated PG.

Dinghies 11 "Judgment" (Captain Gregg is tried and found guilty of not following protocol and mingling with the living. His punishment is harsh and brutal, and Carolyn is used as an instrument of his torture. A very dark and disturbing story.) Rated PG.