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Name: Diigo
Dates: 2006-present
Type: social bookmarking
Fandom: N/A
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Diigo, created in 2006, is a free social bookmarking website.

It was one of the sites fans considered as an alternative after Delicious was relaunched in 2011 and lost its appeal as a centralized bookmarking and fic-finding tool.

Eventually, thought, many fans deemed it unsuitable, as it didn't allow public bookmarked deemed "adult," and Pinboard ended up winning fans over instead.


Although Diigo seemed to have the advantage over Pinboard for being free, several issues made it the worse option.

It was reported that Diigo set bookmarks for explicit content to private, thus rendering it useless to many (most?) fans, and as an alternative for kinkmemes:

A request in the ideas forum @ Diigo: "[request to] stop arbitrary switching some bookmarks from public to private. Some tags, like "sexy", cause the bookmarks to be switched to private where they have been flagued public before by the author."

Diigo staffer response: "Sorry,no. We want to make Diigo a meaningful platform where all community members can benefit from quality collective wisdom knowledge sharing. So we set a high standard to public bookmarks.

As for bookmarks containing bad/inappropriate words such as sex,porn, sexy in title/description/tag/annotation, our system will convert them to private automatically."

bluemeridian, 2011[1]

There also seemed to be issues with differenciating between public & private content on export:

Summarizing: if you make anything private in Diigo, you will not be able to take that information out, and any service or program that you import data from Diigo into will assume that all your data is public. This is completely baffling. Private/public is one the most basic bits of information about a bookmark that anybody will ever need, and an export tool that doesn't include that information is a laughably useless export tool. To top it all off, Diigo's help section doesn't even include the word 'export', so there's not even a way for users to find out in advance that the service they sign up for will not let them take out public/private information.

unjapanologist, Sept 30, 2011[2]

Moreover, fans didn't seem welcome at Diigo:

Fans considered relocating to either Diigo or Pinboard. Unfortunately, Diigo didn't support the "/" character, and deleted Delicious refugees for "spamming."

cereselle, Oct 4, 2011[3]

In Fanworks

Diigo found its way in some fanworks created about the Great Delicious Debacle.

From When Bookmarks Were In Mustache Land:


Hm. That's not good. What are our other options here? Pinboard sounds good, but the paywall is a problem. Let's try diigo.

(The GEEK CHORUS begins importing to diigo.)

No, that "spanking" tag was public. No, public. No... what the hell?

Your tags are bad and inappropriate. Keep them to yourselves.


Seriously, diigo? How have you not gotten this memo?

jedusaur, Oct 3, 2011

From The Morning After:

Pinboard glanced at Delicious's screen. The slight turn exposed a matching series of hickies down the other side of his neck. "Women don't really go in for pictures without context," he explained with a pitying look. "They like stories. Words. You know. Er-ot-ic-a. But don't worry. I'm sure there's plenty of boys who will like what you're doing."

"Boys?" Diigo interrupted as he bounced into the office. "I like boys. Especially K-12 boys. Are you talking about boys?"

"No! We're talking about how Pinboard had sex with my girlfriend!"

Diigo looked worried, and for a moment Delicious hoped he'd found a kindred spirit. "Nooo. You shouldn't talk about sex in the office! Someone might hear. I'm sure we have a private room for that."

ambyr, Sept 09, 2011

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