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The Digital Manga Guild is an effort by Digital Manga Publishing to do legal scanlations. DMP hopes to get rights from Japanese publishers and translations and editing on spec from scanlators. All parties will then get paid in royalties rather than up front. This would allow DMP to take more risks on titles that might not sell.


DMG was first announced in 2010. Applicants received their test results in early 2011. DMP hopes to have the first finished volumes available for purchase in spring or summer of 2011.


DMG has been criticized for giving inaccurate information, not updating fans quickly enough, and generally not treating fans with the level of respect they claim they will. They also pay well, well below market rate even for manga translation, which already pays below the market rate for other Japanese>English translation.

DMG has taken over running YaoiCon to the dismay of some fans.


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