Dietrich Unbuttoned

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Title: Dietrich Unbuttoned
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Bobbie Williams
Date(s): 2002
Medium: print
Genre: gen and het
Fandom: Rat Patrol
Language: English
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Dietrich Unbuttoned is a het and gen 313-page anthology of Rat Patrol fiction by Pat Shaw Some stories were published in Romancing the Rats and Rats on the Edge. Bobbie Williams is the editor.

NOTE: while this was published in 2002, it also "issued" at the MediaWest 2007.

From the publisher: "When Hans Dietrich met and fell in love with Helen Garrison, little did he know her stepbrother would become his nemesis during the battle for North Africa in World War II. Sam Troy remained ignorant of his step-sister's love for a German soldier until he arrived at an aid station in North Africa and then he didn't know whether to kill Dietrich or thank him, but from that moment on the war took on a whole new meaning for both men. Words like mutiny and treason were bandied about, but just how do you deal with such an unknown quantity, especially when each have a sneaking regard for the other's abilities?"

  • "Discovery" is where Dietrich has met Helen Garrison and the early years they spent together in Germany.
  • "No Man's Land Raid" has Troy saving Dietrich's life after Arabs have wiped out the German's unit.
  • "The Most Desperate Raid" sees Troy seeking help from the German when Arab slave traders take his sister.
  • "The Moment of Truth" - Moffitt feels it his duty to find Dietrich to tell him Helen is dangerously ill. All hell breaks loose when Troy arrives at the aid station!
  • "The Devilmen Raid" - Troy discovers Dietrich is a prisoner of the notorious Teufelsmanner (Devilmen), a rogue American who metes out his own brand of justice to German prisoners.
  • "Nemesis Raid" - When Dan Ramsey, an old friend of Troy's, starts asking about the patrol's meetings with Dietrich, Troy becomes suspicious as to his motives.
  • "Crisis of Conscience" - Dietrich arrives in Germany on compassionate leave - his father is dying - but the recent past is catching up with the German and Hans feels he no longer can fight a war he doesn't believe in.
  • "To Catch a Rat" - Dietrich returns to North Africa to find his camp being run by an SS Hauptsturmfuhrer. From then things get worse for the German and it's up to Troy and his men to save the day!
  • "Consequences" - All actions have consequences, as Dietrich is about to find out at the point of a gun - held by Sergeant Troy!
  • "For Better or Worse" - It's the end of the war and Helen has finally found her German soldier, but Hans Dietrich is no longer the man she remembered.