Romancing the Rats

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Title: Romancing the Rats
Publisher: Rainbow Butterfly Press
Date(s): all three issues were published in February 2001
Medium: print
Fandom: Rat Patrol
Language: English
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Romancing the Rats is a het anthology.

Though it doesn't include the same disclaimer as Rats on the Edge, Kat Parsons who maintains Ratworks: The Rat Patrol Fandom Index, notes that several of the stories in this anthology are plagiarized. They are noted below.

Issue 1

Romancing the Rats 1 was published in February 2001 and contains 193 pages.

cover of issue #1
  • Compass Rose by L. Plamondon ("In the eyes of an adolescent, Jack Moffitt is the perfect man. Perhaps too perfect?") (3)
  • Dance of Innocence by Cathy Ott ("The high school dance and a first kiss for Tully.") (37)
  • The Most Desperate Raid by Patricia Shaw ("Is there more to Dietrich helping the team rescue Troy's sister from slavers?") (41)
  • Games of Innocence by Keith Green ("Sam plays a game and gets his hearts desire.") (65)
  • Double Indemnity by JJ Rilogy ("Tully has stolen Hitch's girl. What will Hitch do to win her back?") (69)
  • Echoes of Innocence by Patricia Lannon ("Jack remembers a tender moment.") (97)
  • Looking for Yesterday by Cathy Ott ("He left her at the church. Will Tully get the second chance to prove his love?") (101)
  • The Glass Slipper Raid by Jan Ilot and Rhonda Kinna ("Troy has to learn to deal with a resistance leader--a female resistance leader.") (123)
  • Loss of Innocence by JC Ward ("Christmas is anything but merry for the young Hans Dietrich.") (163)
  • Obsession gen by Jason Brighton ("Will Tully survive his meeting with an "old friend"?") (171)
  • Summer of Innocence by Max Link ("Nine year old Mark is forced to spend the summer with a "GIRL."") (191)

Issue 2

Romancing the Rats 2 was published in February 2001 and contains 200 pages.

cover of issue #2
  • On the Shoulder of the Enemy story by JC Ward ("She is his prisoner, but will Kate prove more than Dietrich can handle?") (3)
  • Always, Jack by Rita Bradfield ("Jack writes a letter home. IT HAS BEEN LEARNED THAT THIS STORY WAS CREATED USING A FILL-IN-THE-BLANK FORM AT THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE:,4683,c3-i62- .") (49)
  • The Moment of Truth by Patricia Shaw ("Dietrich faces the hardest challenge of his life.") (53)
  • Dear Tully by Mary Anne Jikan ("Tully receives a letter from home.") (65)
  • Of Alleys, Arabs and Fate by Max Link ("Hitch is in love. And this time it's for real.") (69)
  • Lots of Love, Sam by Keith Green ("Sam writes a letter home.") (97)
  • The Connection by Cathy Ott ("Moffitt's life hangs on a fragile connection between Tully and the nurse with a special "talent".") (101)
  • To Tell the Truth by JC Ward ("Moffitt faces a stubborn woman with a singular, and dangerous, goal in mind..") (119)
  • My Darling Mark by Rhonda Kinna ("Mark receives a letter from home..") (133)
  • Angel by Kiera Simao ("Are the dreams from Moffitt's concussion more than dreams?.") (137)
  • The Triangle Raid by Tulliac ("Hitch has eyes for the girl, the girl has eyes for Tully. Will their friendship survive?.") (147)
  • Mein Liebster Hans by Jason Brighton ("Hans receives a letter from home. NOTE: IT HAS BEEN LEARNED THAT THIS STORY WAS PLAGIARIZED.") (173)
  • Served Up Cold by SarahAnne ("Troy seeks out an old flame for an unexpected reunion.") (177)
  • The Aftermath by JC Ward ("Dietrich faces the consequences of his love for Kathryn.") (187)
  • Mein Liebster Hans, Translation by Jason Brighton ("Translation of "Mein Liebster Hans". NOTE: IT HAS BEEN LEARNED THAT THIS STORY WAS PLAGIARIZED.") (189)

Issue 3

Romancing the Rats 3 was published in February 2001.

cover of issue #3
  • Promised Mail by Jerry Gilbreath ("Moffitt keeps his word.") (3)
  • Consequences by Patricia Shaw ("Garrison's Gorillas crossover. Troy is determined to make Dietrich face his obligations.") (7)
  • Star Struck by Sofia Morton The singing star shines for everyone but Troy.") (55)
  • Misdirected Mail by Jan Ilott ("Hitch receives a Dear John letter, but it's not for him.") (65)
  • Part of the Game by Shannon Mulready ("Is the saying "Lucky at cards, unlucky in love" true? Ask Tully.") (77)
  • Misguided Mail by Jerry Gilbreath ("Troy receives a Dear John letter on the eve of going home.") (89)
  • Classified Information by Keith Green ("The team's string of bad luck won't keep Hitch from the woman of his dreams.") (97)
  • Unwanted Mail by Gene Wang ("Tully deals with a Dear John letter.") (117)
  • The Truce Within by CD Robins ("You meet all kinds in war, as Troy discovers when the Rats rescue a code breaker.") (123)
  • Unopened Mail by JC Ward ("Dietrich receives the worst of all possible news.") (177)
  • Restitution by Perri Anderson ("Moffitt and the Gestapo, can the team survive the mix?.") (187)
  • If Tomorrow Never Comes by Cathy Ott ("Reunited for a day. Now Dietrich has her. What's Tully going to do?.") (199)