Romancing the Rats

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Title: Romancing the Rats
Publisher: Rainbow Butterfly Press
Medium: print
Fandom: Rat Patrol
Language: English
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Romancing the Rats is a het anthology. Though it doesn't include the same disclaimer as Rats on the Edge, Kat Parsons who maintains Ratworks: The Rat Patrol Fandom Index, notes that several of the stories in this anthology are plagiarized. They are noted below.

Issue 1

Romancing the Rats 1 was published in 2001.

  • Looking for Yesterday gen story He left her at the church. Will Tully get the second chance to prove his love? by Cathy Ott
  • The Glass Slipper Raid gen story Troy has to learn to deal with a resistance leader--a female resistance leader. by Jan Ilot and Rhonda Kinna
  • Loss of Innocence gen story Christmas is anything but merry for the young Hans Dietrich by JC Ward
  • Obsession gen story Will Tully survive his meeting with an "old friend"? by Jason Brighton
  • Summer of Innocence gen story Nine year old Mark is forced to spend the summer with a "GIRL." by Max Link
  • Compass Rose gen story In the eyes of an adolescent, Jack Moffitt is the perfect man. Perhaps too perfect? by L. Plamondon
  • Dance of Innocence gen story The high school dance and a first kiss for Tully. by Cathy Ott
  • The Most Desperate Raid gen story Is there more to Dietrich helping the team rescue Troy's sister from slavers? by Patricia Shaw
  • Games of Innocence gen story Sam plays a game and gets his hearts desire. by Keith Green
  • Double Indemnity gen story Tully has stolen Hitch's girl. What will Hitch do to win her back? by JJ Rilogy
  • Echoes of Innocence gen story Jack remembers a tender moment. by Patricia Lannon

Issue 2

Romancing the Rats 2 was published in 2001.

  • The Connection gen story Moffitt's life hangs on a fragile connection between Tully and the nurse with a special "talent". by Cathy Ott
  • To Tell the Truth gen story Moffitt faces a stubborn woman with a singular, and dangerous, goal in mind. by JC Ward
  • My Darling Mark gen story Mark receives a letter from home. by Rhonda Kinna
  • Angel gen story Are the dreams from Moffitt's concussion more than dreams? by Kiera Simao

The Triangle Raid gen story Hitch has eyes for the girl, the girl has eyes for Tully. Will their friendship survive? by Tulliac

  • Mein Liebster Hans gen story Hans receives a letter from home. NOTE: IT HAS BEEN LEARNED THAT THIS STORY WAS PLAGIARIZED by Jason Brighton
  • Served Up Cold gen story Troy seeks out an old flame for an unexpected reunion. by SarahAnne
  • The Aftermath Raid gen story Dietrich faces the consequences of his love for JC Ward
  • Mein Liebster Hans, Translation gen story Translation of "Mein Liebster Hans". NOTE: IT HAS BEEN LEARNED THAT THIS STORY WAS PLAGIARIZED by Jason Brighton
  • On the Shoulder of the Enemy gen story She is his prisoner, but will Kate prove more than Dietrich can handle? by JC Ward
  • Always, Jack gen story G Jack writes a letter home. IT HAS BEEN LEARNED THAT THIS STORY WAS CREATED USING A FILL-IN-THE-BLANK FORM AT THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE:,4683,c3-i62- by Rita Bradfield
  • The Moment of Truth gen story Dietrich faces the hardest challenge of his life. by Patricia Shaw

Dear Tully gen story Tully receives a letter from home. Mary Anne Jikan Of Alleys, Arabs and Fate gen story Hitch is in love. And this time it's for real. by Max Link Lots of Love, Sam gen story Sam writes a letter home. by Keith Green

Issue 3

Romancing the Rats 3 was published in 2001.

  • Unwanted Mail gen story Tully deals with a Dear John letter. by Gene Wang
  • The Truce Within gen story You meet all kinds in war, as Troy discovers when the Rats rescue a code breaker. by CD Robins
  • Promised Mail gen story Moffitt keeps his word. by Jerry Gilbreath
  • Unopened Mail gen story Dietrich receives the worst of all possible news. by JC Ward
  • Restitution gen story Moffitt and the Gestapo, can the team survive the mix? by Perri Anderson
  • If Tomorrow Never Comes gen story Reunited for a day. Now Dietrich has her. What's Tully going to do? by Cathy Ott
  • Star Struck gen story The singing star shines for everyone but Troy. by Sofia Morton
  • Misdirected Mail gen story Hitch receives a Dear John letter, but it's not for him. by Jan Ilott
  • Consequences gen story Garrison's Gorillas crossover. Troy is determined to make Dietrich face his obligations. by Patricia Shaw
  • Part of the Game gen story Is the saying "Lucky at cards, unlucky in love" true? Ask Tully. by Shannon Mulready
  • Misguided Mail gen story Troy receives a Dear John letter on the eve of going home. by Jerry Gilbreath
  • Classified Information gen story The team's string of bad luck won't keep Hitch from the woman of his dreams. by Keith Green