Dian Hardison

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Name: Dian Hardison
Type: fan writer and fan poet
Fandoms: Star Trek, Man From Atlantis
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Dian Hardison was a fan writer and fan poet whose work appeared in fanzines in the 1970s and 1980s. She passed in 2012.


From the 2012 MediaWest post-con report: "If you went to early MW*Cs and remember a petite blonde wearing a blue and green tunic and yellow shorts, or something with the Man from Atlantis logo on it, you remember Dian. She was a pint-sized woman with enormous heart and passion. She wanted to soar into space and dive to the deepest depths of the oceans. For that reason, she joined the Navy in the early '80s. She wrote Man from Atlantis fiction and articles for Warped Space, Clipper Trade Ship, and Felgercarb. Apparently when asked recently if there was anything she needed or wanted, she told her best friend, "Patrick Duffy." A fan to the end." [1]


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