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Fan Club
Name: Detective Armani
Dates: 1997-2000
Country based in:
Focus: due South
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Detective Armani is a due South fan club. It is named after something Fraser says in the pilot episode when he's looking for Ray Vecchio.[1]

"Detective Armani is an unofficial fan club, run by fans for fans, which celebrates all aspects of the wonderful programme Due South from information on Chicago to Inuit tales (AAAAAHHH!), from episode reviews to news on the actors and from poetry to debates on character and motivation. There is, however, a bias towards Ray Vecchio and David Marciano.

Starting in 1997, the group hosted house parties and mini-cons and organzied RivCon, published a newsletter and a gen fanzine Enough Said. The group had a small mailing list DAML (Detective Armani Mailing List) on yahoo groups from 1999-2000.

Hello and welcome to the Detective Armani Mailing List, I am your list Ma'am Laura Maclean. Here under the supervision of our great leader Elaine we discuss any subjects related to DA, for those of you who dont know DA or Detective Armani(see the name does make sense)is a Due South fanclub where fans discuss there opinions, fav episodes, or characters and get roped into things like writing articles on there favorite episodes for example. Anyone is welcome to join the list, as long as you are a fan of Due South we'd love you to join, though if you are not a DA member you might get a little lost throughout the discussions, a typical example of what a discussion topic might be is a review of Victorias secret, the current nitpicks on the deal, ideas for newsletter articles. Anything DA related is welcome, however remember DA is a Due South fanclub so we really dont want e-mails about what you ate for lunch, apart from that however go wild. Please remember anything you say if fair game for use as contribuations to the newsletter, you have been warned :)

In 2000, the closing of the fan club was announced on the Due South mailing list, Two Axes. It is being documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.



Mailing List


  1. ^ Fraser: Excuse me...I'm looking for a Detective Armani?
    Ray [to the other occupants of the cell]: Come on...You mean me? Guard!
    [bull pen] Vecchio: Okay, who let the Mountie in the holdin cell?
    See Season 1 Due South Transcripts. (Accessed 05 November 2010)