Destiny of Science Fiction

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Title: Destiny of Science Fiction
Publisher: Bob Sourk, out of San Diego, California
Editor(s): Bob Sourk
Type: newsletter
Date(s): January 1975-?
Frequency: "regularly"
Medium: print
Fandom: science fiction, heavy Star Trek content (at least in the first issue), graphic novels
Language: English
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Destiny of Science Fiction is a "journal of news, views, and reviews related to the field of SF. Available for Art, Writings, News, or 20¢." There were three issues.

It has some cross-pollination with S.T.A.R. San Diego, a San Diego State University fan club.

Issue 1

Destiny of Science Fiction 1 was published in January 1975 and contains 10 pages.

front page of issue #1

It has a lot of Star Trek content.

"To celebrate our first issue, MEGA Productions Unlimited staged a partial eclipse of the Sun last Friday the 13th. Later, following a standing ovation, we topped it off with a modest meteor shower. Hope you liked the show. We aim to please."

  • bits of news in the science field, also UFOS
  • a detailed recount of a club meeting for "S.T.A.R. San Diego" that was held November 23, 1974 at San Diego State University
  • clippings from various sources, some from San Diego State University's student newspaper ("The Student Paper"), "The San Diego Union" (see The Voyages Continue), "Los Angeles Free Press," "Calpirig,"
  • "Jefferson Starship was in town last month. They put on an adequate concert, but I think I prefer their records."
  • "A completely notated music book of the Star Trek themes and background scores is estimated to be completed by December '74 by the STAR Organization. This estimate may be a bit off due to the great amount STAR has been putting into this year's Equicon/Filmcon."