Delirium (Big Wolf on Campus zine)

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Name: Delirium
Type: Fanfic, Resource, e-zine
Fandom: Big Wolf on Campus
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"This site was created by April for Big Wolf fans of all creeds. How this site came about is interesing. A few weeks ago on the forum someone pointed out that there should be an online zine. No one was sure how to go about it and the subject was dropped.

Enter me, your humble webmistriss. I found it to be a wonderful idea. It would allow many fans to come together and build something. Daph and I began talking about it. After a few days I got an idea and began to play around on Adobe and Dreamweaver, and this is the result. I hope that everyone enjoys this site as much as I had making and maintaining it. Please feel free to contribute something, anything."

This site is documented here as part of the OTW's GeoCities Rescue Project.


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Note: Not all of the above had content.


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