Definitely Miami

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Title: Definitely Miami
Publisher: Savannah Velvet Press
Date(s): 1999
Medium: print
Fandom: Miami Vice
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Definitely Miami is a slash fan fiction anthology published in 1999. It has a cover by Suzan Lovett.

cover by Suzan Lovett -- it is titled "Postcards from Miami" and was for sale here


From Agent With Style: "When the death and danger that comes with the job gets to be too much for the men in Miami Metro-Dade, they have unique ways of blowing off steam. The gorgeous color cover of this zine by Suzan Lovett will have you swooning over a scruffy Sonny Crockett, a laid-back Ricardo Tubbs, and an aloof, but always watching Martin Castillo. Come visit a place where there's lots of pastels, eternal sunshine and pretty boys doing interesting things to each other, in this hot, slashy anthology zine that'll raise your temperature a few degrees!"


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