Deep Hum

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Title: Deep Hum
Publisher: Bill Hupe was a distributor
Editor(s): Ellen Gustafson
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Alien Nation
Language: English
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Deep Hum is an adult het Alien Nation 109-page anthology edited by Ellen Gustafson. It required an age statement to purchase.

  • Stangya-Coming of Age by Jennie Culhane (1)
  • The Blue Room by Ellen Gustafson (14)
  • Where Home Is by Todd Parrish (20)
  • Wild America by Arianwen P.F. Everett (33)
  • 200 Proof by Ellen Gustafson (37)
  • Tenctonese Insults, Curses, and Pick-up Lines by Susan Koczwara (42)
  • Soul of the Stars by Arianwen P.F. Everett (46)
  • Hummingbirds by Ellen Gustofson (47)
  • Pattycake by Arianwen P.F. Everett (66)
  • The Price of Prejudice by Todd Parrish (68)
  • The Child by Kidu (77)
  • Binnaum by Todd Parrish (82)
  • The Catalyst: The Binnaum's Story by E. Gust1fson (85)
  • Alice (Eetinuvass Family Thriving) by E. Gustafson (86)
  • A New Life by Lynne Levine (87)
  • zine flyers (109)